Return Of The God Of War Chapter 364

Chapter 364

“Haha. That was rude of me!”

Aaron laughed.

The few of them enjoyed their dinner together afterward.

Aaron still had questions on the way out, “I think a new commander-in-chief was appointed today!”

“That’s right!”

“Well, we don’t need to think about people like him. But you did really well today, Levi. We’re really happy for you!”

Aaron grinned as he spoke.

“Let us have good fortune and happy events happening one after another after today!”

Levi smiled at that.

Zoey was swiping through her phone as they spoke. Suddenly, an alarmed look appeared on her face and she almost dropped her phone onto the floor.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?”

Everyone looked at her curiously.

“Something big happened! North Hampton is crumbling!”

Zoey took a deep breath.

“Winston Gonzales and all from the Gonzales family opted to quit Gonzales Group! North Hampton Chamber of Commerce announcing dissolution! Eric Robinson of the four noble families from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and dozens of higherups have been arrested due to commercial crimes!”


The eye-catching headlines were shown on the phone.

Zoey, Aaron, and the others were about to go insane.

This was definitely the biggest news of North Hampton!

Both the Gonzales family and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce had crumbled at the same time.

This is unbelievable!

Zoey’s puzzled eyes landed on Levi. There was something mysterious about this man.

Can he predict the future?

He even told me that the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and the Gonzales family were doomed!

It came true in a blink of an eye!

“Levi, is there anything that you know of?” asked Aaron.

“I heard from Percy that the God of War got back at them at the Appointment Ceremony earlier.”

Levi smiled.

“Oh, I see! They offended the God of War. I told you so. No one else in North Hampton would be able to destroy them!”

Aaron felt a sense of relief.

The news of North Hampton’s powerful figures crumbling had quickly spread all over Erudia.

Two mighty mountains had collapsed in an instant.

This meant that the North Hampton market was currently vacant. Anyone would want a share of the pie.

In just a blink of an eye, South City and multiple other places were preying on that pie.

In the meantime, Morris Group, which had received orders from their boss, expanded their business and took up the market share.

North Hampton was too big. It wasn’t possible for them to take over it completely in a short period of time.

In any case, Levi’s plan was simple. It was to quickly restore North Hampton’s order without shaking up its economy.

Rogers Group had also gotten the order from Levi and had joined in as well.

All of a sudden, Rogers Group became the richest aristocratic family in North Hampton.

Glenn had never expected all these to happen.

Levi did it out of respect for Abigail. It was also because he wanted to stabilize North Hampton as soon as possible.

“Zoey, do you still remember what I said previously? I’m going to help you rise to the top again. Just you wait!” Levi said with a smile.

Zoey was actually looking forward to it when she saw how mysterious Levi was acting.

The Lopez family was also really excited at this particular moment.

They had earned so much money and properties recently. Now that the North Hampton market was empty…their opportunity was finally here!

As long as the Lopez family worked hard, having a corporation with a hundred million of net worth wouldn’t be a dream anymore.

“As expected, once we chased Aaron out of the family, our luck has been good!” Henry said while laughing.

Harry looked up to the sky and cried out, “God bless the Lopez family!”

“We’re in big trouble! Something bad has happened!”

Shaun and Melanie Lopez shouted.

“What are you up to? Why are the both of you so frantic? Didn’t I tell you to move the company?” said Harry as he frowned, obviously displeased.

After he took over Zoey’s company, the first thing he did was to move his company to Union Square.

After all, Union Square was at the center of the city.

It feels good to have a company building in the middle of the city


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