Return Of The God Of War Chapter 365

Chapter 365

“Grandpa, the company has been moved. But there’s some other stuff…”

“Grandpa, we don’t know what happened but… Just this morning, large numbers of the Company’s workers resigned. What’s more, it was none other than the executives who led them to resign! It’s a huge loss to the company!”

Shaun panted.

Melanie’s face was extremely sullen.

“What? Did all this really happen?”

Harry and the others’ expressions changed.

It wouldn’t matter much if it were only low-ranking workers who left.

But it would be a huge problem if the executives left.

Melanie’s phone rang.

“What? Seven more executives left?”

Melanie was stunned.

Henry’s phone rang too.

“What? The construction team of the West City Ecological Park Project canceled the contract and all of the workers left? Even the security and the guard dog left?”

Henry’s eyeballs were about to pop out upon hearing the news.

The West City Ecological Park Project had become a complete mess.

Shaun received a text message. He was immediately left dumbfounded after he read the text.

“What? The company is insolvent? The funds have long been used up in the development and now the company doesn’t have any cash flow?”

Shaun was about to have a breakdown soon.

The person in charge of the project from Morris Group called Harry right at this moment.

“Hello Mr. Lopez, why is the project we’re collaborating with Imperial Meadows Limited halted?” Morris Group asked.

“Uh… Due to some recent internal affairs of the company, there has been a delay in the progress. It’ll be back to normal soon!” Harry said and smiled awkwardly.

Morris Group was like the God of Wealth to the Lopez family now.

“Mr. Lopez, please take a good look at the contract. There’s still two days’ time. If the project invested can’t resume, you’ll have to compensate us due to breach of contract! According to the contract, you’ll have to pay one billion if that happens.”

Harry almost peed himself upon hearing what the person in charge from Morris Group had said.

Harry was trembling when the call ended.

“What’s happened? Have the collaboration projects with Morris Group been halted?” asked Harry.

Fabian quickly went to check.

Fabian was sweating buckets when he was done checking.

“Father, the collaboration project with Morris Group is just too big! If we want to continue, we’ll have to dump in more money!” said Fabian.

“What happened? Didn’t Zoey’s company get a big investment fund? How did this happen?”

Harry was about to vomit blood.

“The treasury department of Zoey’s company is currently empty. Not only have the funds been cut off, it seems like the company is also in debt…”

What Shaun said made the Lopez family tremble in fear.

“Huh? That’s not possible! Zoey’s company had been growing so well! Her company even moved to the Union Square!”

“That’s right! The company’s market value of almost a billion isn’t fake!”

The faces of Harry’s and the rest were full of disbelief.

“I understand now! It’s all an illusion made by Zoey! She deliberately made a good financial report and crafted a perfect company image just to attract investments and collaborations!”

“Yes! There have been quite a few companies looking to invest and collaborate with us. It must be because they were attracted by the financial report made by Zoey!” analyzed Fabian.

“God damn it! I thought we actually had a billion in our hands. But who knew all we got is this mess?” said Harry furiously.

In the meantime, a car stopped in front of the Lopez family’s residence.

There were a few men and women in suits.

“Which one of you is Mr. Harry Lopez?”

“That’s me. And you are?”

Harry had an unsettling feeling


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