Return Of The God Of War Chapter 371

Chapter 371

While Levi was given the cold shoulder by Iris and the upper management inside the company, he could get along well with the security guards and also the janitors.

They were always seen hanging around smoking or chatting during tea breaks.

So naturally, Levi had a good reputation among them.

Upon hearing someone calling himself Levi’s grandfather, the security guards immediately turned hostile.

“That’s right! They don’t look like people with good intentions!”

The other guards also chimed in.

Shaun was in a bad mood before arriving here, and to be picked on by the security guards, he could no longer hold it in. “Did you mistake yourself for someone important? You are just some lowly guards! Now scram!”

“That’s right, who the hell do you think you are! It would be in your best interest to summon Levi right now or I’ll see to it that you lose your jobs!” said Henry.

After all, the Lopez family had a net worth of around ten billion.

How could they stomach the humiliation of being ridiculed by security guards?

Anger stirred within Seth when those words reached his ears.

“These thugs are trying to mess around, throw them out!”

Seth had given the order.

A number of guards gladly obeyed the orders of their captain and threw them out of the compound.

Shaun had been beaten up once before, and now again.

Harry was exasperated. He had never experienced something like this in his entire life.

The slaps landed perfectly on the face of Shaun and Henry.

“What did you come here for? We came to ask for a favor! Not to act like a gangster!”

Harry was so close to losing it.

He went forward and filled the captain’s pocket with a lot of cash.

Seth happily accepted it.

He gave Levi a call once again.

“Tell them that if they wanted to meet me, it would only be right for them to show some sincerity by prostrating themselves on the ground,” said Levi from the other side of the phone.

“Did you hear that? If you really wanted to ask Mr. Garrison for a favor, then prostrate on the ground right now!”

“Levi you piece of shit!”

Just when Shaun and Harry were about to burst from rage, their father stopped them.

“What are you doing? Have you not come back to your senses yet? On your knees!”

Under the instruction of the head of the household, Fabian, Shaun, Harry and the rest all knelt before the building.

How humiliating!

Words can’t describe such humiliation!

To think that there would be a day where they would have to kneel before Levi.

The passers-by were amused by such a scene and some even took pictures of them.

This made the Lopez family feel even more humiliated!

Their pride and honor were being trampled on publicly.

Each and every one of them swore to take vengeance on Levi.

They would give it back to him tenfold!

Harry felt humiliated despite not being the one kneeling down.

The Lopez family’s honor was tarnished.

But in order to meet Zoey, he could only endure the pain.

Zoey and Levi were watching from the window of their office, they had the best front-row seat all to themselves.

Looking upon the scene of her arrogant uncles kneeling before her, Zoey found it especially entertaining.

But she also felt bad for them.

“Levi, don’t you think that we have gone too far? They might not be able to recover from this mental anguish after all!”

Zoey was just too kind for her own good.

“Are you actually feeling sorry for them? Don’t you know what the Lopez family meant by kicking you out of the family? They wanted you out of their sight!” Levi chided.

Zoey slowly nodded.

That was not false…

“Hey, Seth? Why is he still standing? Tell him to kneel!”


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