Return Of The God Of War Chapter 372

Chapter 372

Levi was visibly annoyed while Zoey began to panic.

“W-what are you doing? He’s my Grandpa! How can you tell him to do that?”

Zoey’s breaths quickened as her heart was gripped by horror.

“He has never thought of you as a granddaughter, has he? Don’t get yourself involved. Leave it to me!”

There was a tone of finality in Levi’s voice.

Meanwhile, on the plaza, Seth approached Harry slowly.

“Can they see me?” Harry asked.

“Of course! Why aren’t you kneeling? Get down now!” Seth demanded.


Harry shot him a look of confusion.

He had not expected to be forced to kneel as well.

He had thought that getting Fabian to kneel before Zoey was already sincere enough.

Why are they after me now? He thought.

Are the two of them crazy?

Do they even care about their seniors?

Such unfilial children!

“Hey! Did you hear me? Stop acting like you’re so special! You’re here to plead someone to do your bidding, for goodness’ sake!”

Seth was visibly enraged.

Harry began to tremble uncontrollably. “A-are you telling us to get on our knees?”

“Obviously! Kneel now or scram!”

Seth glared at Harry impatiently.

As the Lopez family looked on in horror, Harry fell to his knees in front of Seth.

The pride of the Lopez family fell with him.

What a shame!

Levi Garrison! We’re going to kill you!

That was the thought coursing through every Lopez family member’s minds.

Even Harry felt utterly humiliated when he knelt in front of Seth.

He had admitted defeat to Levi Garrison!

Harry could feel his self-confidence crumbling into the ground when he noticed the passersby’s curious looks.

He wished he could bang his head against a wall and kill himself.

However, he had to stay strong for the sake of the Lopez family.

Zoey, who had been sitting in her office, was shocked by the sight before her.

Harry Lopez was on his knees!

She began to feel guilty but could not help but look at Levi curiously.

This man seems different after coming out of jail… She thought.

He had become a literal fortune teller.

He had predicted the fall of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and the Gonzales family.

He had speculated Harry Lopez to show up, kneel before them, and plead for their help.

Is he God?

Is he a prophet?

She started to wonder if the whole thing had been orchestrated by Levi and the entire Lopez family.

However, that seemed almost impossible.

“What are we going to do now?” Zoey asked.

“Leave them there.”

By the end of the workday, Harry and company had been kneeling outside the office for a good three hours.

Levi told Zoey to get in Iris’ car and leave the scene.

Meanwhile, he waltzed out of the entrance to the office.

Everyone in the Lopez family grinned from ear to ear when they saw him.

Their last lifeline had arrived!

Levi headed straight for Harry and smiled at him. “Well, old man, you’re an obedient one, aren’t you?”

“Weren’t you and Zoey the ones who told us to kneel here? Where is she? Has she agreed to our requests?” Harry hurriedly asked.

“That’s right! We’re still waiting for her to come back and deal with the situation!”

The others began to panic as well.

Levi simply smiled. “I’m sorry, but I think you’ve misunderstood us. This has nothing to do with Zoey.”

“What? Are you saying she doesn’t know a thing about this?”

Harry was dumbfounded.

“That’s right. What requests did you have, by the way?” Levi asked.

The entire Lopez family froze for a moment.

Indeed, they had been kneeling for three hours without mentioning their requests.


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