Return Of The God Of War Chapter 375

Chapter 375

“Zoey! Keep my name card on you! Come and look for me if you need anything. I’ll be keeping my promises!” Terence yelled after them.

Afterwards, he turned around and told his employees, “Find out which room they’re in and give me a spare room card.”

A lewd smile appeared on Terence’s face.

That was not the first time he had fantasized about getting intimate with her.

The chance had come, and he was not going to miss it.

“Hmph! Just you wait, Zoey!” He snickered inwardly as the flame of desire inside of him began to burn unbearably bright.

Meanwhile, Levi and Zoey had arrived at their room.

Levi received a call from someone just moments later.

“Hello? Is it done? Alright, send me the contract tomorrow. I’ll deal with it then,” He said into the phone.

Zoey rolled her eyes. “There’s no one here but me. Can you stop with your acts?”

She was still convinced Levi was making things up.

However, what she did not know was that the Rogers family had already done Levi’s bidding. They had purchased the entire Clear Sky Resort on his behalf.

Afterwards, they went to a restaurant to have dinner.

The employees that had been stalking the two of them ran back to report their movements to Terence.

This is my chance! He thought gleefully.

He walked into the kitchen.

“Where are the orders from Table 8?” He asked casually.

“They’re here!” the chef answered, pointing to a tray of food sitting on the table by the side.

Terence took out a packet of powder and emptied it into a couple of dishes discreetly.

That was from his stash of sleeping drugs.

He had used it several times over the years.

Every time a pretty girl came to his resort, he would spike her food with that drug and sneak into her room at night.

None of them would remember anything the next day.

Terence walked over to Table 8 with one of the waiters.

“Zoey, here’s a gift from me to you. Enjoy!”

“Thank you!” Zoey said.

Levi was still skeptical of Terence.

He bent down to take a whiff of the food and the wine, and lo and behold, both the food and the wine had been spiked.

However, he did not say anything about it.

He dug in with Zoey as though nothing had happened.

Terence watched everything unfold before his eyes from the other end of the restaurant.

Time to have some fun tonight! He thought.

The sleeping drug would take effect in about an hour, and Zoey would be his in no time.

Still ignorant of her precarious situation, Zoey poked Levi’s arm and gestured for him to look to the side.

After Levi took one look at the table next to them, he almost spit his food out.

There were three men sitting by the neighboring table.

The three of them were tall and muscular, but their faces were caked with makeup.

To Levi’s bewilderment, the men sounded and acted like women.

They would even kiss each other from time to time…

They’re gay!

That was the only thing Levi could think of as he watched those men go about their business.

Not only were the young, handsome guys coming out as gay, but even the most manly-looking men might also surprise everyone with their s*xual identity.

The contrast between their appearance and their demeanor was astonishing.

The more Levi looked at the three men flirting with one another, the more uneasy he felt.


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