Return Of The God Of War Chapter 376

Chapter 376

Zoey could feel goosebumps appearing on her arm.

“Let’s finish our food and leave, darling!” Zoey whispered.

“Alright,” Levi answered.

They stuffed the rest of their food into their mouths and left afterwards.

Zoey began to feel drowsy soon after the meal, and she collapsed onto the bed in their room as soon as they returned.

The sleeping drug had, without a doubt, taken effect.

However, Levi seemed immune to its effects, and he decided to sit on the sofa to wait for his prey.

Meanwhile, Terence was getting jittery as he sat waiting in his office.

He had waited for an additional half an hour to make sure that the drug had taken effect.

Walking on his tiptoes, he slowly made his way to Levi and Zoey’s room.

He pressed the doorbell a couple of times, only to receive no reply.

He proceeded to bang on the door loudly – still no response.

Relieved, he took out his spare keycard and let himself in.

He turned on the lights to see Zoey lying on the bed, fast asleep.

Lustful thoughts overtook his mind, but not before he noticed Levi’s absence.

“Wait…where’s Levi?”

He began to search for the man.

Suddenly, someone popped out from behind his back and smacked a heavy object onto his head, knocking him out cold.

Levi stood behind his limp body, taking his own sweet time to smoke a cigarette.

Afterwards, he dragged Terence by the arm to the door of another room.

He pressed the doorbell lightly.

That room had belonged to the three gay men they had encountered earlier.

The door flew open in seconds.

To the three men’s surprise, there was no one outside, except for a young man stripped to his birthday suit.

It was none other than Terence, still out cold from the blow that Levi gave him.

The three men exchanged dirty grins.

In a flash, they picked Terence up and disappeared into their room.

For the rest of the night, everyone in the vicinity could hear terrified screams coming from the three men’s room.

The other guests assumed they had been watching horror movies and decided to ignore them.

Meanwhile, the employees of the resort were huddled together in a gossip circle. “Is Mr. Gibson up to something again?” One of them asked.

“Yeah! Haven’t you heard? It’s his dad’s classmate’s daughter this time around! She’s gorgeous!”

“I bet he’s having a whale of a time right now. I saw him slip into her room just moments ago!”

However, the reality was far from what they had thought. Rather than bliss, Terence was in a state of confusion.

He could not tell if he had been dreaming or not.

He vaguely registered getting manhandled by three muscular men.

His entire body was throbbing in pain.

The next morning, he woke up to white-hot streaks of pain coming from his backside. He slowly opened his eyes to find himself lying on a large bed.

Did I succeed last night?

Terence was overcome by joy for just a second.

Did I finally get to spend a night with my goddess?

I don’t seem to remember anything about it though…

Terence rubbed his throbbing head.

Afterwards, a wave of fatigue washed over him like a tsunami.

He could feel stabs of pain from every part of his body; his lips, his neck, his arm, and even his backside. He felt as though he had been torn open from the inside.

What even happened last night?

Was Zoey crazier than I thought?

Terence could not figure out why he was feeling that way.

He blinked to clear his vision before reaching out to check if there was anyone next to him.

The flesh his fingers came into contact with was as hard as a rock.

He froze when he realized who had been sharing a bed with him.


Terence let out a piercing scream that could almost tear the roof of the building.

He began to wonder how he had gotten himself into that situation.

Where did my clothes go?

What happened here?

Who can tell me what’s going on?

Terence felt like breaking down there and then.

His scream jolted the three men awake.

They looked at him flirtatiously and cooed, “Oh, baby, you’re awake?”


Terence almost puked his dinner out when he heard those words.


Terence stumbled off the bed and glared at the three men warily. “Who are you? Why are you here?”


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