Return Of The God Of War Chapter 377

Chapter 377

“Baby, you came here yourself! You were completely naked!”

“Are you running away after enjoying yourself? Ew! What a jerk!”

Terence could feel his sanity slipping away as he stared at the three men.

What in the world happened between us?

He knew he had to get out of there.

Terence wrapped a blanket around himself and made a run for the door, but before he could get there, the three men formed a line and blocked his way.

“Did we say you could go, baby?”

“What the hell are you doing? I’m going to kick the three of you out later on!” Terence threatened as bolts of pain continued to shoot through his flesh.

“Why don’t you take a look at what happened last night yourself, baby?”

One of them handed a camera over to Terence.

The more he watched the sinful action unfold, the more he wanted to wither into the ground.

He had indeed been manhandled by the three men!

“Argh! I can’t stand it anymore!

He was going crazy from anger.

“Levi Garrison! He must have tricked me! I’m going to kill him!” He yelled the moment he put two and two together.

I have to leave this place!

Terence knew he had to get out no matter what.

“Baby, don’t leave! If you leave, we’ll put this video online!” The three men threatened.

Terence was scared out of his wits when he heard them.

If that video ended up online, he might just be left with no choice but to disappear from the face of the earth.

His parents would die of embarrassment!

Just like that, the three men threw Terence onto their bed again and resumed their roughhousing.

Terence gripped the sheets tightly as angry tears flowed down his cheeks.

It was the most shameful moment of his life.

No man would be able to stand being humiliated like that!

When Terence was finally released from that prison, he could not even walk straight. He had no clothes to wear, so he ended up borrowing one of the men’s clothes before he could go out.

His tears never stopped flowing, and he felt numb all over.

He wished he could just end it all.

How could this happen to me? He thought sorrowfully.

“Hm? Terence? Why are you limping around? Are you crying?”

Zoey’s voice rang down the hallway all of a sudden.

Terence looked up, only to jump in shock as Zoey and Levi appeared before him.

Levi piped up as well. “Yeah, bro! Why are you crying? What happened?”

“Why are your lips bleeding? And what’s with the hickeys, lipstick marks and perfume…” Levi asked, frowning.

Every word of Levi’s was like a grain of salt on Terence’s wounds, reminding him of the suffering he had gone through.

All those markings were remnants of the three men’s crimes towards him!

“Where were you last night? Are these clothes even yours?”

More tears spilled out of Terence’s eyes when he heard that.

His chagrin grew when he noticed Zoey’s revolted expression.

This is it.

This is the end!

She’s going to hate me forever!

Levi suddenly leaned forward and sniffed Terence’s body before turning to Zoey, saying, “Honey, can you smell that? Doesn’t he smell like those three gay men we saw yesterday?”

Terence could feel his head exploding.

Levi, you’re going too far!

Why are you rubbing salt on my wounds?

If anyone hears about the tragedy he had gone through, death might just be the only option left for him.

In particular, his dignity would be reduced to naught if Zoey found out.

Zoey breathed in deeply and said, “Yeah! It smells familiar! I remember that scent!”


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