Return Of The God Of War Chapter 378

Chapter 378

“Oh dear, bro! Don’t tell me you slept with those three men last night? Gosh, I didn’t know you had such a kink. No wonder you aren’t married yet!”

Levi’s exaggerated tone attracted the attention of everyone around them.

“Yeah! I remember those clothes as well. It belongs to one of them! Don’t tell me you’re…”

Zoey looked at Terence quizzically.

Terence’s dignity was in shambles; he decided to make a run for it.

He scampered down the hallway with his head down.

Tears of despair ran down his cheeks as he ran off.

“Ew! I didn’t know he was interested in that! Hubby, I don’t want to see him ever again,” Zoey snarled.

“I know, right? I almost puked my guts out when I saw him!” Levi chuckled while smiling.

Terence ran back to his room and burnt the clothes on his body.

He dived into the shower room and used up a whole bottle of body wash to scrub every inch of his skin down after that.

He finally got out of the shower after a long, long time.

He had been trying to wash the marks of humiliation the men had imprinted on his skin.

He put on a fresh set of clothes and showered himself in cologne in an attempt to mask the scent of those three men.

“It must have been you, Levi Garrison!” He snarled to himself.

His mind was clearer than it had ever been.

From Levi’s reaction just moments ago, Terence could tell that he had been the mastermind behind all this.

After all, he had passed out just moments after entering Levi and Zoey’s room.

It must have been him!

He ran over to the security room and pulled out the CCTV footage from last night.

When he saw Levi dragging his limp body to the three men’s room, he banged his fist on the table in a fit of anger.

“I’m going to kill you, Levi Garrison!” He growled loudly.

He could almost explode on the spot.

He deleted the footage immediately afterwards.

The security guards in charge of the CCTV footage began to snicker amongst themselves. “Boss, how was last night? Why don’t you tell us about her? We heard she’s as pretty as a goddess!” One of them quipped.

“Shut up!”

Terence slapped the person who had just spoken across the face.

He had just been violated by three men!

There was no way he was going to tell them about such a thing!

Afterwards, Terence rushed to Levi and Zoey’s room with a group of security guards behind him.

“Zoey Lopez! Your husband is a thief! We caught him stealing the belongings of other customers on camera!” Terence bellowed.

He did not care about his image anymore.

All he wanted to do was to beat Levi into a pulp.

Even so, he needed an excuse to do so.

“Huh? That’s impossible. He was with me all along!” Zoey argued.

“Move aside! Take Levi Garrison away!” Terence yelled.

The guards rushed forward to tackle Levi.

“Terence! What are you doing?”

A loud voice boomed down the hallway, followed by hurried footsteps.

“Hm? Mr. Zielger? Why are you here?”

Terence turned around, utterly confused.

The boss of the resort strode down the hallway and stopped in front of him.

“Someone has bought over the resort. I’m here to settle the paperwork,” Mr. Ziegler said.

“What? Someone bought the resort?”

Terence froze in his tracks.

Zoey was shocked as well.

Could this be a coincidence?

Did Levi actually buy the resort last night with that phone call?

“That’s right. The paperwork was done last night, but he only requested to see it today.”

Mr. Ziegler’s words hit Zoey like a train.

She tossed Levi a quizzical look. Was it you? She questioned with her eyes.

“M-Mr. Ziegler, w-who bought the resort?”

Terence began to stammer as the scary truth dawned upon him.

“He’s right in front of you!” Mr. Ziegler said, smiling.


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