Return Of The God Of War Chapter 379

Chapter 379

Mr. Ziegler took one step forward and bowed low to Levi. “Mr. Garrison, the ownership of the Clear Sky Resort has now been transferred to you. Here is the contract for your reference.”

It was as though a meteorite had landed upon Terence when Mr. Ziegler spoke those words.

He felt as though he had been cracked open from the head down.

It was him all along!

He actually bought the resort last night!

He had thrown out two hundred million in exchange for the resort with just one phone call!

Terence was utterly dumbfounded.

Wasn’t he just an imbecile who leeches off his wife’s fortune?

Even Zoey could not believe her ears.

Did he actually buy the resort?

She stared at Levi, absolutely stupefied.

Levi simply smiled. “Never mind with the paperwork. The resort belongs to me now, doesn’t it?”

“That’s right!”

“They answer to me now, right?” Levi asked, pointing at the group of security guards behind Terence.

“Of course!”

Levi suddenly raised his voice and hollered, “Well then, why don’t you tell me what valuables were lost last night?”

The security guards and Terence felt as if they could suffocate on the spot.

The security guards exchanged looks before glancing at Levi and Terence.

Noticing something was amiss, Mr. Ziegler began to grow agitated. “Say something! Spill the truth!”

The leader of the security team was the first to speak up. “Nothing of such sort happened Sir! Terence told us to use this as an excuse to beat you up, Sir!”

Terence collapsed onto the ground.

“I’m sorry! Mr. Garrison, Zoey, please forgive me! I won’t do it ever again!” Terence cried.

Levi smirked. “Can someone send him to room 1409 for me?”

Terence began to panic the moment he heard the room number.

His eyes were swollen as his body began to tremble like a leaf.

“No…no, no! No!”

“Please! Let me go!”

“Send him there now!” Levi snarled.


Terence turned around to run away, but his unstable gait made it difficult for him to do so.

Within seconds, he was tackled onto the floor by the security guards.

That room was hell to him.

As he struggled against his restraints, the security guards dragged him to room 1409 and threw him inside.

“Um…what’s with room 1409?” Zoey asked curiously.

“Remember the three men? That’s their room!” Levi whispered.


Zoey decided not to ask any further.

Levi’s eyes held a dangerous glint.

That was the least he could do to punish Terence for drugging his wife.

Soon, the time came for the auction of the Oriental Star Group.

The participants filed into the venue as soon as the doors opened.

Zoey and Levi headed in as well.

Just as they had expected, the room was filled with the tycoons of the city.

Not only were the prominent businessmen of the local economy present, but Zoey also caught sight of several foreign investors in the crowd.

The Oriental Star Group was a lucrative business that anyone would long to have a piece of.

“Hey, beautiful! Care to be my friend?”

Suddenly, a group of people rushed towards Levi and Zoey.

The man leading the group smiled brightly at Zoey while completely ignoring Levi.

Zoey returned a smile. “Apologies. I’m already married.”

“Well, that doesn’t mean we can’t get to know each other! I’m Zayn Suarez of the South City Suarez family!”

The man handed Zoey a copy of his name card.

Everyone was shocked to hear his name.


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