Return Of The God Of War Chapter 380

Chapter 380

“What? Zayn Suarez? The third Young Master of the South City Suarez family? Why is he here? They’re just as affluent as the Rogers family! Were they after the Oriental Star as well?”

“What’s the point of competing with them? We should just give up.”

The tycoons around them looked defeated.

They knew that many tycoons from South City have come to North Hampton to snatch a portion of the Oriental’s shares.

However, they had not expected to meet someone from the Suarez family in person.

Zayn seemed satisfied with this reaction.

The prominent families of South City were treated like royalty in North Hampton. It was as though they were visiting monarchs from faraway kingdoms.

“Do you think I’m good enough for you?” Zayn asked proudly.

The young masters of South City have long been looking forward to paying a visit to North Hampton, where there was a large population of beautiful women.

Zayn had fallen for Zoey the moment he saw her.

She was prettier than any movie star he had ever seen!

He did not care if she was married or not, as he just wanted a taste of her sweetness.


Levi spat a single word of rejection into Zayn’s face and pulled Zoey over to their designated seats.

Zayn watched them leave with an evil grin on his face. “Fine then, wait till the auction’s over! You can’t escape from me, woman!”

Soon, the seats were filled, and the Oriental Star Group representatives filed into the room.

After a brief introduction of the Oriental Star Group, the auction officially began.

“The starting bid is one and a half billion. Bidding starts now!” The auctioneer announced.

“1.53 billion!” The Cloudscape chairperson yelled, raising his paddle.

“1.55 billion!” The Fortune Source CEO hollered, raising his paddle as well.

Soon, the bid rose to 1.7 billion.

Everyone raised their bids tentatively, each bid only a little higher than the previous one.

“Is this a joke? Why are they increasing their bids by only ten million at a time?” Levi growled, visibly annoyed.

Zoey grinned. “We’re just here on a learning journey. There’s no need for us to get involved.”

After that, she glanced in the direction of Zayn and his party. “Besides, I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s going to win the auction in the end!”

“Oh, really?” Levi said, smirking.

“Two billion!”

Zayn, who had been silent the whole time, raised his paddle and shouted his bid without warning.

The sudden addition of three hundred million shook everyone to the core.

More than half of the participants could no longer afford to go any higher.

Zayn glanced at the crowd, warning them to stay back with his piercing gaze.

“2.1 billion!” Someone yelled, refusing to back down.

“2.2 billion!”

The tycoons decided to give up if the price went over two and a half billion.

“Three billion!”

Zayn yelled out an astronomical sum yet again.

The crowd roared, and everyone turned to stare at Zayn in shock.

“The Suarez family really is scary!”

“I knew we wouldn’t be able to win the moment I saw him!”

The crowd chattered amongst themselves fearfully.

Even the Oriental Star Group representatives were getting excited.

They had not expected the bid to go so high.

Zoey smiled bitterly and looked at Levi. “I knew it. They’re going to win.”

However, her face fell the very next second.

Levi had raised his paddle!

Is he going to bid?

Zoey had wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

Everyone’s eyes were trained on him the moment he raised his paddle.

“Three billion, one!”

The entire crowd froze for a moment when they heard that.

By the time Zayn had given his three billion bid, most of the tycoons had already given up.

They were ready to accept the reality that the Oriental Star Group was going to belong to Zayn.


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