Return Of The God Of War Chapter 381

Chapter 381

To their surprise, however, someone was still going!

He had increased the bid by just one!

It was obviously a move to provoke Zayn Suarez.

The Oriental Star Group representatives began to panic.

Who even does that?

Besides, there was an unspoken agreement amongst the bidders to increase the price by ten million with each bid.

Everyone from Zayn’s party stared at Levi in anguish.

How dare they provoke us?

Zayn, however, merely kept his evil grin on his face.

You dare threaten me?

You’re asking for trouble!

“3.1 billion!”

Zayn raised the bid by another hundred million and glared at Levi.

Let’s see how long you can keep up!

“3.1 billion, one!”

Levi did not give up.


Zayn was about to explode from anger.

This man is definitely messing around with me!

Everyone else could only stare at Levi in shock.

Where did he get the guts to mess around with the Young Master of the Suarez family?

He’s dead meat for sure…

Zoey was concerned as well.

She knew exactly how powerful the Suarez family was, and she did not want to get into their bad books.

Levi was playing with fire!

However, it was too late for her to stop him.

“3.2 billion!”

Zayn continued to increase the bid.

His family had budgeted for a three million bid, but Levi’s appearance had forced him to scrap their plan.

He had no choice but to add another two hundred million.

I’m going to kill you and sleep with your wife once this is over! He snarled inwardly.

Levi remained unfazed. “3.2 billion, one!”

“You…you b*d!”

Zayn stomped his foot on the floor while the rest of his party fumed in silence.

Hasn’t he had enough?

Meanwhile, everyone else in the crowd looked on with frowns on their faces.

This boy is doing it to the extreme!

“Fine then. Let’s see if you can take this!”

Zayn raised his paddle again and yelled, “3.5 billion!”


The crowd drew in a collective gasp when he announced his bid.

The Oriental Star Group representatives were ecstatic.

That was way more than they had expected!

Zayn glared at Levi again arrogantly.

3.5 billion was the most he could afford as there were other expenses the Suarez family had to take care of.

All he wanted to see was if Levi had the guts to increase the bid any further. If he did not, Zayn would get the Oriental Star Group like he was supposed to.

If Levi were stupid enough to bid any higher, Zayn would step aside and watch his desperate attempts to produce 3.5 billion worth of cash.

All eyes were trained on Levi at that moment.

Zoey held her breath anxiously.

To everyone’s surprise, Levi raised his paddle slowly and yelled, “Four billion!”


“Four billion?”

The room went deathly silent after Levi announced his bid.

Everyone had been expecting him to increase the bid by just one.

Who knew he would add another five hundred million instead?

Zayn and his party could only gawk at Levi.

Looks like he had not been messing around after all…

Zoey, on the other hand, began to panic.

Is he crazy?

Four billion?

Where is going to get the money from?

Is he joking?

“Going once…going twice…sold! Oriental Star Group has been purchased by Mr. Levi Garrison for 4 billion!”

The auction ended as quickly as it started.

The Oriental Star Group representatives had reaped almost twice the amount they had planned for.

It made them jittery with excitement.

Zayn slammed his fist against the chairs over and over again.

Veins began to appear on his neck as his face contorted into an ugly scowl.


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