Return Of The God Of War Chapter 382

Chapter 382

The Suarez family had planned to take over the Oriental Star Group as a crucial first step to break into the North Hampton market.

He had failed his entire family.

Zayn raised his head and glared at Levi coldly. “Well, Sir, may I ask how you’re going to produce the four billion you promised?”

Everyone snapped out of their shocked trance when they heard that.

It’s four billion!

Does he really have that much money?

Even Zoey was not convinced.

Since when did he have four billion?

A few members of the staff walked up to Levi. “Sir, you need to prove your assets to take part in the bidding. You are the only one here who has yet to do so. We hope you understand,” They explained with a smile.

Levi took out a black card and said, “I’m paying by card.”

No one believed him.

It’s four billion, for goodness’ sake!

What kind of credit card could hold so much money?

All of their expenses came directly from their companies’ reserves.

Five minutes later, a huge group of staff members rushed over to Levi’s side.

They looked as though they were ready to kowtow to him.

“Mr. Garrison! The transaction was successful! Oriental Star Group now belongs to you!”

“Here is your card.”

The manager bowed deeply and handed the bank card to Levi with two hands.

The crowd let out a collective gasp.

“It…It went through?”

“He paid four billion by card?!”

Zayn and his party’s eyeballs looked as though they were going to pop out of their sockets.

They had not expected to meet such a plutocrat on their first trip to North Hampton.

However, no one could compare to Zoey in terms of how bewildered she was.

She was still reeling from the shock of witnessing Levi buy over the entire resort that morning.

She could not believe her eyes when he had thrown out another four billion to buy the Oriental Star Group.

Where did he even get that money?

He was completely broke six years ago!

“Mr. Garrison, please come with us to settle the paperwork,” The manager said politely.

“Oh, before I forget, I bought Oriental for my wife. Let her sign the paperwork,” Levi said.

“What? It’s all for his wife?”

“She’s so lucky! Who even gifts a whole company to their wife?”

Everyone at the scene were shocked.


Zoey covered her mouth with hands, unable to make a sound.

She was touched and moved to tears by this gift.

He had promised to help her rise to the top ever since she had been chased out of the Lopez family.

She had not expected anything like this.

Zoey stared at Levi lovingly, tears spilling from her eyes onto her porcelain cheeks.

“Let’s go, honey! Time to sign the paperwork!”

Levi took Zoey’s hand and followed the staff backstage.

Zayn watched as they left the scene with a gloomy expression.

“No, I can’t just let him go so easily! I have to secure the Oriental Star for my family! I want that woman for myself too…”

“What should we do, Young Master?” His subordinate Harold Walker asked.

“How many people did we bring this time round?” Zayn asked.

“Thirty fighters!” Harold replied.

“Alright. Tell them to get ready and intercept Levi and Zoey when they’re about to leave. I’m not going to let them get back to the city!” Zayn ordered.

A bloodthirsty glint flashed across Zayn’s eyes.


It took them half an hour to settle the paperwork.

Zoey Lopez had officially become the owner of the Oriental Star Group.

Her hands could not stop shaking even after she signed her name on the contract.

It was unbelievable.

She felt as though she had been living in a fantasy all along.


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