Return Of The God Of War Chapter 383

Chapter 383

Zoey stroked Levi’s face lightly. “Hubby, are we still asleep?”

“Are you confused?” Levi asked.

“Does it hurt if I pinch you?” Zoey asked before pinching Levi’s skin with all her strength.

“Ow! It hurts! You should have tested it on yourself…”

Levi took a step to the side to avoid her fingers.

My wife is so silly!

It took a while, but Zoey finally registered the situation.

Everything had been real!

“Did you just buy an entire corporation for me? You’re too nice…” Zoey sobbed, hugging Levi tightly.

“Where did you get so much money from? Are you hiding something from me?”

Zoey furrowed her eyebrows and stared at him with much doubt in her eyes.

“I…” Levi began. But he was cut off by the ringing of Zoey’s phone.

It was a call from Iris.

“You’re really happy now, aren’t you Zoey?” Iris asked, smiling.

“Huh? How did you know I’m happy now? Are you at the resort too?” Zoey asked, puzzled.

“Haha…our mysterious boss took notice of your exceptional talent and bought the Oriental Star Group for you! He needs your help urgently, so do your best!”

Upon hearing Iris’ explanation, Zoey’s face fell.

She looked at Levi with a grim expression.

She had thought he had a stash of cash somewhere that he used to be her hero.

The last thing she expected to hear was that the person who had secured the deal was the boss of the Morris Group.

Levi took advantage of the Morris Group to accomplish all this!

Despite her disappointment, she was touched by his sheer determination.

Instead of exposing him outright, she smiled and said, “Levi, you’re amazing! You should work hard so you can climb the ranks at Morris Group!”

Levi was utterly befuddled by her words.

I’m already the boss of Morris Group…

Why do I still need to climb the ranks?

The couple took their leave after signing the contract.

They passed by a group of people carrying Terence on a stretcher headed for the hospital as they exited the resort.

Levi scoffed. I could have killed you for plotting against my wife, so be grateful that I let you live.

As soon as Levi and Zoey got onto their car, Zayn appeared behind them.

“What? They already left? Kill the man and bring me the woman! I want to force them to hand over the Oriental to the Suarez family!”

A cruel grin appeared on Zayn’s face.

Even his companions shuddered at the sound of that. “Third Young Master, are you suggesting we take over the Oriental Star Group without spending anything?”

“Why not? We’ve only just started our conquest of North Hampton. We have to be as dominating as we can! We need everyone in North Hampton to fear the Suarez family!” Zayn declared.

“Let’s get going!”

Meanwhile, Zoey was nodding off in the car.

The effects of the sleeping drug had long worn off, but she still felt very sleepy after getting in the car.

Levi glanced at the vehicles following them through the rearview window and grinned.

Are they looking for trouble?

After a short while, a car appeared right in front of Levi’s car and stopped him in his tracks.

The cars behind them also picked up speed and had their Audi surrounded within seconds.

A few dozen people rushed out of the cars.

All of them were armed with metal sticks as they charged towards Levi and Zoey’s car.


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