Return Of The God Of War Chapter 385

Chapter 385

James slapped Zayn across his face without warning.

That slap almost knocked him out cold.

A buzzing sound ensued as he struggled to recover from it.

The slap was not the end of it.

James stomped his foot into Zayn’s leg, breaking it into pieces with a loud snap.

His other leg was broken as well.

His arms were gone in seconds.

Zayn could do nothing but scream at the top of his lungs.

Not only did he lose an entire company to someone else, but he also got crippled by some foreign jerk.

Within minutes, all of Zayn’s men were lying on the floor and writhing in pain.

Only one person remained.

“Let me remind you that North Hampton isn’t a place you can just waltz into and call yourself the king!” James spat before turning around and taking his leave.

After just a few hours, word spread far and wide amongst the Erudia nobility. Not only did the Suarez family fail to snatch even a portion of the Oriental shares, but its Third Young Master and his men had also been beaten severely and thrown out of North Hampton.

It was the breaking news of the day.

Many people had considered going to North Hampton to vie for its market shares, but that incident had scared them off.

North Hampton had no shortage of leaders despite the collapse of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and the Gonzales family.

The Morris Group, for one, was a rising star.

It was rumored that someone from the Morris Group had crippled the Third Young Master of the Suarez family.

For a long time after, the Suarez family disappeared from public view, as though they had retreated to observe the situation from the sidelines.

The other families followed suit.

Meanwhile, Levi and Zoey made their way to the Oriental Star Group as quickly as they could.

The higher-ups of the Oriental rushed out of the building to welcome their new boss.

The media was contacted, and a press conference was held.

When Zoey arrived, a succession ceremony was being held, followed by the press conference.

On the other hand, the Lopez family continued to suffer.

“All of you! Get out!”

The manager of Union Square kicked the Lopez Group out of the office building.

They even went as far as throwing their things out of the door.

The Morris Group continued to bombard them with phone calls, reminding them that they only had one day left.

If they failed to evict themselves by the deadline, they would have to pay a fine of one billion.

The companies the Lopez Group had taken loans from continued to pester them for their repayment.

The Lopez family spent the night trying to contact Zoey to no avail.

By the next morning, Harry’s hair had turned snowy white.

“What are we going to do? Are we going to jail for this?” Harry muttered.

Everyone else looked as though they had not slept in days, with their dark eye bags and tired expressions.

They were running out of ideas.

Suddenly, a piece of news on the TV caught their attention.

“Hey! Isn’t that Zoey?” Melanie exclaimed.

“What? Zoey?”

Everyone looked towards the TV to see Zoey sitting behind the desk at the Oriental Star Group press conference.

The channel was reporting about the Oriental Star Group’s transfer of ownership to Zoey, as well as her appointment as the chairperson and CEO of the company.

“According to estimations, the Oriental Star Group is worth around five to six billion. Ms. Lopez’s spectacular leadership skills would help the Oriental grow and flourish even more!” The reporter said, smiling.

“What? She’s the chairperson of the Oriental Star Group now?”

“How can it be? Wasn’t it worth at least five billion?”

“How did she do it? Am I dreaming?”


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