Return Of The God Of War Chapter 386

Chapter 386

The members of the Lopez family could feel themselves going crazy.

They had not expected to be caught in this situation.

They had envisioned Zoey begging in the streets after being thrown out of the family, yet she had defied their expectations. She had become the chairperson of a huge company worth billions!

They regretted it immensely.

Harry, in particular, wished he could turn back time and right his wrongs.

He slapped Henry and Fabian across the face roughly.

“How dare you suggest that I cut Aaron’s family out of our lives? Look at Zoey now! We’re never going to be able to bask in her glory now! I bet buying the company was easy for her!” Harry yelled.

Henry and Fabian fell silent.

Weren’t you the one who made the decision?

Why are you pushing the blame onto us now?

What were you doing before that?

“How did she even do it?” Melanie asked, confused.

“I bet she got in bed with some tycoon! I can’t think of any other way she would be able to accomplish that!” Henry huffed.

“Yeah! That’s disgusting!”

“Luckily, she isn’t part of our family anymore! We would’ve been so embarrassed by her!”

“She’s so shameless!”

The Lopez family continued to rant about Zoey.

Harry nodded. “We all know what underhanded methods she used, but she’s the boss of the Oriental Star Group now. What can anyone do about it?”

“There’s only one way left, and that is to beg her for help!”

They made their way to the Oriental Star Group immediately.

They managed to bump into Zoey the moment they arrived at the office.

Though the members of the Lopez family despised her, they still plastered a smile on their faces as they approached her. “Oh Zoey, we’ve finally found you!” Harry exclaimed. “I’m sorry for everything that’s happened to you before. It was all your uncles’ fault! I’ve punished them severely.”

“As long as you’re willing to come back, you’ll be a part of our family again! Can you help us out, for my sake? Look at how crippled I look now!” He continued pleadingly.

Harry indeed looked about ten years older after just a couple days of separation.

“Zoey, you’re the boss of the Oriental Star Group now, so you have the power to help us out! It’ll be good for you in the future too!” Harry pleaded as the rest of the family looked on pitifully.

Zoey genuinely felt sorry for them.

“Hey, honey, what are you doing? Let’s go home!”

Just as she was wondering if she should help them, Levi appeared behind her.

The Lopez family fumed in silence when they saw him.

He’s up to no good again!

“Zoey, let’s talk about this in private. This has nothing to do with Levi,” Harry said hurriedly.

Levi quickly took Zoey’s hand and led her away. “Didn’t I tell you to ignore these people? Have you forgotten what I said?”


Zoey bit her lip, unsure of what to say.

“You’re no longer a member of the Lopez family. Why care about their matters?”

When will she realize she’s too kind for her own good?

“What the hell do you mean, Levi Garrison?” Shaun yelled in a panicked voice as Zoey was dragged further away from them by Levi.

“Get out! We won’t help you!” Levi declared.

“Fine then! Do you want to know how Zoey got hold of her position at Oriental Star?” Shaun snickered.


“She slept with another man!”

Shaun pointed a finger at Levi as he scoffed, “You don’t know about it, do you? How do you think Zoey managed to convince those investors? How do you think she paid for that office in Union Square? She did all that by sleeping with other older men! You have been cheated on!”


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