Return Of The God Of War Chapter 387

Chapter 387

“Hahaha! That’s right! Levi Garrison, you idiot. Did you really think Zoey would wait six years for you? In your dreams! She’s slept with countless men during that period.”

“Yeah, that’s right! Zoey is a hooker who brings shame to the Lopez family!”

“You disgusting b****! Do your parents know you are a slut?”

The situation had already turned sour, so the Lopez family could not care less anymore. They jumped in and kept insulting Zoey.

Zoey teared up immediately after being ridiculed by her family.

Shaun scoffed, “What are you crying for? You don’t actually feel wronged, do you? Don’t think we don’t know about all the vile things you’ve done! We only kept quiet because it’s embarrassing, idiot.”

Shaun felt a chill run down his spine as soon as he finished speaking.

It felt as if he had been kicked into icy water.

When Shaun turned and saw Levi’s gaze, the former got so frightened that he almost fainted.

What the hell is that?

A monster?

A murderer?

That kind of gaze could puncture anyone’s heart, and one look was sufficient to trigger nightmares.

Levi was standing in front of Shaun at the very next second.

The former kicked a leg out forcefully.

Shaun spat blood after crashing into the wall and falling.

He hadn’t even stood up before Levi showed up right in front of him.

Levi lifted Shaun, pressing him against the wall.

Levi’s right hand was on Shaun’s neck; it was becoming tighter and tighter…

“Urgh.. Argh…”

Shaun’s face turned purple soon after, and his eyes turned white as his legs kicked around aimlessly.

He was suffocating!

Levi is going to kill him!

The Lopez family came around quickly. They hurried over to stop Levi.

Unfortunately, Levi kicked every single one of them away before they could stop him.

It was hopeless.

Levi was intent on killing Shaun.

Shaun’s face was turning dark…

“Levi, no! You’ll get in trouble for that!”

Zoey rushed over and pried Levi away.

Shaun fell onto the floor after Levi loosened his grip. Unfortunately, Shaun fainted as he had been out of air for too long.

“Hurry and take him to the hospital!”

The Lopez family quickly carried Shaun and rushed him to the hospital.

Harry and the others wanted to threaten Levi, but when they saw Levi’s murderous gaze, they became so frightened that they couldn’t speak.

That’s a lunatic. We can’t mess with him.

Zoey shouted angrily, “I will no longer be a part of the Lopez family! Don’t come looking for me again because I won’t help any of you!”

Zoey and Levi left the place after.

If Zoey hadn’t stopped Levi, he would’ve killed them for what they said.

How could he let anyone insult his wife like that?

The Lopez family were utterly hopeless.

Zoey had mercilessly rejected them; their last shred of hope was gone.

They were on their own. They would have to pay a debt of one hundred million and a legal damage claim of one billion…

That was enough to land all of them in jail.

Harry gave up and readied himself to be taken into custody.

Still, he was angry because the other members of the Lopez family were still too young.

Shaun and the others were still in their twenties!

That was one of the most torturous nights for the Lopez family.

Many of them had aged a decade within that one night.

Everyone sat together the next day as they waited for the inevitable.

A few cars drove up to the house.

When the Lopez family heard those cars coming, they turned devastated.

A group of people entered the house soon after.

Harry looked up and realized that he did not know any of the intruders.

The middle-aged man who looked like he was the boss came in and saw everyone looking devastated.

He yelled furiously, “What is the meaning of this? Why is the Lopez family of North Hampton in such a terrible state? You lot bring shame to our family!”


Harry and the others were stunned.

Were those men not here to demand payment?


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