Return Of The God Of War Chapter 388

Chapter 388

“Excuse me, who are you?” inquired Harry.

“You don’t even recognize me, Harry Lopez? I am Dustin Lopez from South City!” Dustin barked.

“What? The Lopez family from South City?”

Harry stood up immediately; he would’ve gone on his knees out of respect if that was appropriate.

Henry and the others stood up politely too.

It was a member of the Lopez family from South City!

As far as Harry and the others were concerned, that family was like royalty.

It was as if the kings and queens were visiting when members of the Lopez family from South City came to visit.

“What happened?” asked Dustin cruelly.

Harry quickly shared everything with him.

After learning everything, Dustin scoffed, “Fine, the Lopez family from South City will deal with it.”


Harry and the others were flabbergasted.

The Lopez family from South City will deal with everything?

Is this a gift from heaven?

“We want to expand our business into North Hampton. You lot will play an important role, so your troubles must be solved,” Dustin clarified.

That made the others even happier.

The Lopez family from South City is coming to North Hampton? Does that mean we would benefit from their expansion too?

The Lopez family of North Hampton would play an important role in South City’s Lopez family’s development into North Hampton.

North Hampton’s Lopez family had great connections in the city. That would help the South City’s Lopez family build a strong foundation when they came.

Hence, it didn’t matter if Harry owed over a billion. The South City’s Lopez would help anyway because they would be earning hundreds of billions in the future with Harry’s help.

A mere billion didn’t mean much under those circumstances.

It took Dustin less than a day to solve all of Lopez Group’s troubles.

Harry and his family’s net worth also grew exponentially because the Lopez family of South City would be heading over soon.

With an ally that powerful, they didn’t need to care about Zoey anymore.

“What? Zoey is that unfilial?” Dustin growled in fury after hearing exaggerated and misleading stories from Harry and the others.

“Yeah, but this is all my fault. I did not guide her well, and that brought shame to the Lopez family.”

Harry looked like he was about to cry.

“Why didn’t you demand her to renounce her family name? Women like that have no right to use our surname!” said Dustin.

Harry complained in tears, “I have no right to do so. I could only remove her from our family tree. She would not agree to change her surname, and that bitch has risen to be a CEO by sleeping with others. We have no choice.”

Dustin slammed his hand on the desk and growled, “Damn it! That woman brings shame to our entire family. I must force her and her family to change their surname. I will personally go after her since you lot can’t do it!”

“Also, my uncle, Sebastian, will be here soon. I want this matter solved before he reaches, so that minor issues like these don’t bother him,” added Dustin.

“What? Sebastian is coming? Thank heavens,” said Harry excitedly.

Dustin’s eyes shone with cruelty when he instructed, “You will come with me tomorrow, and we will solve this issue with Zoey together.”

The Lopez family never thought they would see the day when they reached a new level.

They were under the protection of the Lopez family from South City.

That night, they were so excited that they could barely sleep.

They were all looking forward to hurting Zoey the next day.

They could finally get their revenge.


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