Return Of The God Of War Chapter 392

Chapter 392

Levi kept whipping until all ten whips had been delivered.

Dustin soon stopped screaming. His body had been so mercilessly whipped he stopped moving. He curled up in agony.

He didn’t die, but everyone could tell that Dustin was basically crippled.

Those ten whips had kicked the life out of him, and he would be on bed rest for at least a year!

“How weak,” Levi scoffed before he tossed the whip aside and left.

“Quick, call the ambulance and take him to the hospital!”

Harry got nervous.

Things had gotten out of control.

Dustin was the next in line to inherit the Lopez family’s estate in South City!

Yet, he had been gravely injured in North Hampton, and Harry and the others will likely be punished harshly for what had happened.

“That Levi is too freaking stupid and brave. How dare he attack a member of the Lopez family from South City?” Shaun gaped as he grinned.

“You know, you’re right. Under these circumstances, there is no way the Lopez family from South City will let him live!”

“Right. Isn’t the famous Sebastian coming to destroy him?”

Melanie and the others were anticipating the future fight excitedly.

In the end, Dustin survived the incident, but the hospital reported that he would have a lot of complications in the future.

For example, Dustin might go into a coma and never wake up.

It was also likely Dustin would become a lunatic.


Neither situation was what the Lopez family of South City wanted.

That was their next commander.

It would be a total joke if he turned into a lunatic!

The Lopez family could not accept a humiliation like that.

When the Lopez family in South City learned of what had happened, they got angry.

They announced they would avenge Dustin, even if it meant toppling the entire North Hampton.

Three men were in line to succeed and lead the next generation of the Lopez family.

Quentin had been killed.

Wesley was crippled.

And Dustin might be comatose!

Who would be okay with something like that?

The famous Sebastian was going to head to North Hampton in the following week, but he showed up the following day after hearing about what had happened.

In a backyard of a mansion in South City.

An elderly man in an old-fashioned outfit was sitting by the table, enjoying his tea.

That man was the renowned Sebastian.

There was a saying in South City that went, ‘One would rather face the devil than go against Sebastian’.

That proved just how powerful and terrifying Sebastian truly was.

His title as the man who could overthrow the devil was not unfounded.

He had been cruel and bloodthirsty when he was younger, and his hands had taken countless lives.

They say that the number of people he killed was equivalent to the number of stars in the sky.

Sebastian later stepped back to settle into retirement. He would drink tea, do some gardening every day, and would go to the temple on some occasions.

He did that to be Zen and to change his violent life.

Unfortunately, he overdid it.

The incident with his godson, Quentin Lane, had turned him back to his former self.

He was even angrier after his two nephews got hurt.

“Everything is ready, sir. We can head to North Hampton tomorrow,” reported Sebastian’s servant, Simon.

Simon was actually a skilled fighter, too.

Sebastian sipped some tea before instructing calmly, “Go get the Black and White Guards out from prison.”

“Huh? Are you sure you want to do that?” Simon trembled.

The Black and White Guards were simply too terrifying.


“Okay. I will arrange for that right away,” replied Simon.

After that, Simon took a deep breath and left.

Sebastian’s fame and the fear he inspired was partially owed to the Black and White Guards.

Those two men were crueler than him; they were cannibals.

The two of them had gotten into a battle with two hundred men and won. That battle made them famous.

Sebastian’s notoriety was immeasurable.

The cruel part of that notoriety was linked to the Black and White Guards.

Those were the masters of cruelty. Rumor had it that they grew up with wolves and ate raw meat every day.

They had single-handedly defeated an army of two hundred and rose to fame.

They later joined an underground boxing tournament, but they were so cruel that they were disqualified.

There was a story about how, during a match, one of them tore his opponent’s rib out and used that rib to stab the guy to death.

They later joined Sebastian’s team and raised hell everywhere.

They had killed so many people that there were many powerful figures and families who didn’t even dare look them in the eye.

The mere mention of the Black and White Guards got people to tremble in fear.

The Black and White Guards had gotten too violent and caused a lot of trouble, so Sebastian has locked them up.

Sebastian taking the Black and White Guards to North Hampton meant that he was getting serious.

When the citizens of South City learned that the Black and White Guards were being released from prison, everyone grew nervous.

Those two being released meant that someone was definitely going to die.

The citizens sighed a breath of relief when they learned that Sebastian was taking those killers to North Hampton.

However, they started praying for North Hampton.

They wondered which unlucky bastard had angered Sebastian so much that he released the Black and White Guards.

Everyone knew that anyone who offended Sebastian would face dire consequences.

Death would’ve been a better option because the Black and White Guards’ inhumane methods had always terrified everyone.


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