Return Of The God Of War Chapter 393

Chapter 393

The network in North Hampton was still pretty good.

When Glenn heard the news, he immediately went to look for Levi.

“Mr. Garrison, something bad is about to happen. Sebastian will come to North Hampton tomorrow with the Black and White Guards!”

Glenn wiped his sweat off.

“So what if they come? Why are you so scared?” chuckled Levi.

“Mr. Garrison, maybe you don’t know it, but those three are nuts! They are like a time bomb that would go off at any moment!”

“You know Liam, don’t you? He is strong and undisciplined… The ones who defeated him were Sebastian and the Black and White Guards! Liam had to go on his knees and beg them for mercy. His life was spared because of that, but they still crippled all his limbs!”

Glen took a deep breath before he continued, “The Black and White Guards are especially brutal. They killed everyone in the orphanage when they were ten, and their violent tendencies only worsen as they age. They have killed countless men, and rumor has it that they are cannibals! They’re basically demons.”

Levi laughed.

He had seen all kinds of lunatics during his time in the army.

Many places had similar ‘demons’ who had murdered thousands before, but he had defeated them all.

“Be careful, Mr. Garrison. They are here to destroy you,” Glen warned.

“Well, since they’re coming to North Hampton, then we’ll trap them here,” said Levi cruelly.

“Huh?” Glen blurted, stunned.

Isn’t this dude a little too full of it?

Trapping Sebastian and the Black and White Guards?

Glen didn’t think it was plausible, but he wasn’t in a position to say anything.

The news of how Sebastian was heading to North Hampton with the Black and White Guards had spread.

Everyone started avoiding the place, simply staying home.

Some powerful families, however, got ready to welcome the three men.

It seemed that Sebastian wasn’t just there to seek vengeance. He was also there because he was expanding into North Hampton.

The powerful families thought that if they left a good impression on Sebastian, they might benefit from it in the future.

Harry and the others stood guard at the hospital.

They were excited but also scared to hear that Sebastian was heading over.

With Sebastian there, North Hampton would practically be dominated by the Lopez family.

As such, they would benefit from it as well.

They were also afraid, though, because Sebastian might blame them for what had happened.

“It’d be great if Dustin could wake up before Sebastian gets here,” sighed Shaun.

When the doctor heard that, he blurted, “I have an idea that might help with that…”

“What is it? Tell us. If it works, we will reward you handsomely,” Harry said, whose eyes lit up immediately.

The doctor replied, “A medical expert I know might be able to cure this patient, and there’s a good chance that he knows how to wake the patient up.”


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