Return Of The God Of War Chapter 394

Chapter 394

“Really?” asked Harry, whose eyes shone with hope just like his family’s eyes were.

“Yes, he is definitely the top in the medical field in Erudia. However, I heard that he will be catching a plane and leaving North Hampton tomorrow,” said the doctor.

“Are you talking about Benny Quinton?” asked Fabian.

“Yeah. Who else would be that skilled?” The doctor nodded.

Harry looked troubled as he said, “But I heard that Benny Quinton no longer takes patients in. He will definitely reject our request if we ask.”

“We have to try! Sebastian will be here tomorrow.”

Harry and his family soon got to the place where Azure Dragon and Benny Quinton lived. They asked Benny to help cure Dustin, but as expected, Benny rejected their offers.

Harry and the others kept trying to come up with another solution after that.

The next day rolled by soon after.

A bunch of cars showed up in North Hampton.

The last few cars had about a dozen men in black outfits. They got out and stood at the side.

Simon drove the Rolls-Royce in the lead. He got out and circled around to open the door for Sebastian.

Sebastian was wearing a black, old-fashioned outfit, and was holding a walking cane with a dragon’s head carved on it.

He oozed a domineering aura as he scanned the place.

After that, he walked to the black luxurious car at the end.

The car seeped a chilling aura, and it shook so violently that it seemed that it might topple itself over.

“Stay in the car and do not leave until I give the say so,” instructed Sebastian. Only then did the car stop shaking.

Simon was trembling in fear because that was the car the Black and White Guards took.

If those two showed up on the street, the entire place would definitely turn upside down.

Simon later led Sebastian into the hospital, and they headed into Dustin’s room.

Harry and the others got down on their knees in front of Sebastian.

“This is all our fault, Sebastian. We did not keep Dustin safe. We were wrong, so please punish us as you see fit,” cried Harry.

Sebastian scanned everyone and replied cruelly, “Get up. This has nothing to do with you. Those people are not easy to deal with, or Quentin and Wesley would not have been defeated.”

Harry replied softly, “I don’t dare to. Levi is my grandson-in-law, yet I did not teach him the rules. I didn’t know he was that strong.”

“I said, stand up!” Sebastian suddenly raised his voice.

That made Harry and the others jump up in fright.

They stopped bullshitting then.

Sebastian went to check on Dustin.

“What did the doctor say?” He asked.

“It’s not good. He will not be able to wake up for the time being and might stay in a persistent vegetative state,” answered Harry.

Sebastian looked devastated then.

“However, there is still hope. Benny Quinton is in North Hampton, and he is the best expert in the medical field. We asked him to come over yesterday, but he rejected our offer. His plane will be taking off today, and he should be boarding in two hours.”

Sebastian’s eyes shone with a cruel glint upon hearing that. “Simon, go get Benny Quinton over! Do not let him board that airplane.”

Harry then added, “Still, you shouldn’t hold out so much hope because Benny has a rule about how he doesn’t do private calls. The God of War, Liam Macy, dragged Benny over once. Things did not end well.”

Sebastian’s eyes burned with untamed fury as he roared, “That puny Liam Macy is nothing compared to me!”


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