Return Of The God Of War Chapter 395

Chapter 395

“I can hire anyone he can hire, and I am capable of convincing people he can’t convince.”

“Go get Benny Quinton over right away. He must cure my nephew!”

Simon nodded, “Understood. There isn’t a person on Earth who wouldn’t come at your command.”

“That’s right. Those who disobey me will meet an untimely end,” scoffed Sebastian.

Harry and the others trembled as they stood at Sebastian’s side.

Sebastian’s aura was too strong.

Everyone felt the weight of mountains crushing on them when they heard him speak.

As such, they were all sweating then.

Simon departed immediately to get Benny Quinton.

Henry and the others started saying, “Sebastian, this is all Levi’s and Zoey’s fault. They are close with Nueve and Trey, and they thought they can do whatever they want because of that. They don’t respect the Lopez family from South City.”

“Freaking Levi Garrison. I am here just to deal with him. I don’t care who he has supporting him; I will not forgive him!”

“Also, I will be staying here permanently. My plan is simple. I will make it so that everyone in North Hampton trembles in fear when they hear our name,” declared Sebastian.

Harry and the others were ridiculously excited.

Was it finally their chance to shine?

It didn’t matter how useless they were. Being a member of the Lopez family would be sufficient.

North Hampton would soon belong to Sebastian.

Liam Macy, Winston Gonzales, and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce would all fall.

No one could beat Sebastian!

At that moment, Harry and the others had started fantasizing about their future.

Simon hurried over to the airport with about ten men.

Levi had personally driven the car to take Benny Quinton and his assistant to the airport.

At first, Levi wanted to use a military plane to take Benny straight to Vermond, but Benny rejected that offer.

That was how Benny Quinton was.

He was an ordinary doctor with a pure soul.

Levi kept them company until they went into the waiting lounge.

Unfortunately, a van stopped at the airport after Levi had left.

Simon and over ten men rushed into the airport.

Benny and his assistant had just gotten their boarding passes and were heading towards the gate.

However, over ten men showed up in front of them.

“Mr. Benny Quinton, please come with us!”

Simon was swift.

He never gave Benny a chance to talk before he grabbed them.

When Benny and his assistant finally came around, they were already in the van.

“Let’s go!” instructed Simon before the car departed.

At the hospital.

Benny Quinton and his assistant were forcefully dragged into the patient’s room.

Everyone turned serious and polite when they saw Benny Quinton there.

Sebastian, however, glared in disdain and scoffed, “I hate educated people like you. So pretentious.”

Benny grinned, “Then why do you insist on bringing me here?”

“Because you are a doctor who can cure patients. That is all you are worthy of!”

Sebastian pointed at Dustin, then ordered cruelly, “Treat my nephew right now! If you succeed, I will give you a total of one billion. If not… You can choose if you’d like to keep your arms or your legs.”

Sebastian’s barbaric style stunned Benny.

Liam Macy had been a powerful bully too, but even that man had shown a little respect to Benny.

The man in front of Benny was utterly despicable and unrestrained.

He looked like a madman.

“No. You have your rules, but so do I,” refuted Benny.

“As I said, educated people like you are horrible. Isn’t your job to cure the sick? Why aren’t you treating him? Where is your so-called moral?” scoffed Sebastian.

“You were immoral and kidnapped me, so I have no obligations to help you,” persisted Benny.

Sebastian laughed aloud. “There are just too many ways to force your hand. Simon?”

Simon received the message immediately.

Simon kicked Benny’s assistant to the floor.

“Arg…” The assistant cried.


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