Return Of The God Of War Chapter 396

Chapter 396

“What the hell are you doing?” demanded Benny in a worried tone.

“I will cripple him if you refuse to treat the man,” said Simon as he increased the pressure on the assistant’s ankle. That prompted the assistant to shout even more.

Harry and the others were horrified when they saw that.

Sebastian was too cruel.

All he knew was to tap into his violence to solve his problems.

Benny had no choice but to nod and said, “Okay, fine. I’ll treat him.”

“Wouldn’t it have been much better if you had just agreed to do so early on?” gloated Sebastian.

There were simply too many ways to force Benny’s hand.

The cruelest among them was to lock Benny and his assistant in with the Black and White Guards.

Benny probably would’ve raised the white flag in under thirty seconds.

Benny and his assistant quickly dove in to treat Dustin.

“You better treat him well, or you will end up just like him!” threatened Sebastian.

After taking Benny and his assistant to the airport, Levi returned to Morris Group.

Morris Group had just expanded once more and would soon be the top enterprise in North Hampton.

Hence, many people had their eyes on them.

A tv show had even done a special interview.

Iris found Levi and scoffed, “You love to show off, don’t you? Well, then here’s your chance.”

“Huh? Me? Showing off?” blurted Levi suspiciously.

“The North Hampton Television Network wants to do a special on Morris Group in three days. I’ve already helped you accept the invitation, so you may not bail on it.”

“These are the interview questions and other materials. Don’t embarrass me!”

Iris left after tossing a stack of documents to him.

Levi almost vomited blood.

She is making me do an interview and show my face to everyone?

Is she f*g kidding?

Still, he had no choice but to participate because Iris had already accepted it.

“Well, it’s for my own company, anyway,” murmured Levi before he started studying the materials.

His phone rang up at that moment.

The call was from Azure Dragon.

“I think something bad happened. The airport called and said that Mr. Quinton never boarded the plane, and we can’t find him at the airport either,” said Azure Dragon, whose voice was obviously quivering.

“What? He’s missing?” said Levi, whose expression took a sharp turn.

He had not gotten a private plane for Benny, but Levi had talked to the managers at the airport and asked them to keep an eye on him.

Benny was missing, and that meant that something must’ve happened.

“Investigate it immediately! Mr. Quinton must not get hurt,” instructed Levi.

“According to the CCTV at the airport, someone dragged Mr. Quinton into a van,” reported Azure Dragon soon after.

“Call Xavier and the people responsible for the traffic. Find out where that van went!” said Levi anxiously.

He would not let anyone go off that easily if Benny had a hair off his head!

“Got it! The van went to the hospital, and there were witnesses that claimed they saw Benny there!”

Levi stood up and announced evilly, “Okay, got it. I will personally head over to the hospital.”

Inside the hospital.

Benny and his assistant examined the patient thoroughly, and Benny’s conclusion was that it would take Dustin a long time to recover. The treatment would go on for at least four months.

“How about this? I will take this patient with me to Vermond and will personally treat him there,” suggested Benny.

Benny had a lot of work to tend to in Vermond; he couldn’t stay in North Hampton.

Simon, Harry, and everyone else grinned when they heard that there was hope.

Sebastian, however, frowned and asked, “Why can’t you treat him here in North Hampton?”

“Because I work in Vermond, and a lot of patients are waiting for me there,” explained Benny.

Sebastian shook his head. “No! You must stay here and treat my nephew. You are not to leave or treat anyone else during this period. Focus only on my nephew, and you may leave when he is back on his feet.”

“You may reject my offer, but he will have to stay, and who knows how long he’ll survive?”

Sebastian was staring at Benny’s assistant at that moment.

The assistant trembled in fear.

If he stayed, he would definitely be killed.

Sebastian had always been that barbaric, and he didn’t give Benny a chance to say anything else.


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