Return Of The God Of War Chapter 397

Chapter 397


Benny was so frustrated that he felt as if he would explode.

He couldn’t stay in North Hampton because he simply had too much to do in Vermond.

“Sir, I promise I’ll revive him in Vermond. Can I please take him there?” asked Benny.

“No! There will be no further discussion. You will stay right here in North Hampton, and you will treat my nephew.”

Sebastian’s eyes shone with fury.

“Oh right, I just remembered that North Hampton has a private hospital. Transfer him over right away. Benny Quinton, you will come with us!” ordered Sebastian.

“I’ll get started on the paperwork right away,” replied Simon.

Benny was nervous then.

Is this Sebastian guy going to imprison me and force me to treat his nephew?


Levi arrived at the hospital at that moment.

He paused when he saw the cars there.

However, he had not stopped because there were over ten similar cars parked in a straight line. He had stopped because he had sensed two dangerous auras seeping out of one of the cars.

There were a number of good fighters in North Hampton. Some examples would be Jack Smith’s Invincible-13 who were all amazing fighters.

However, compared to the two men inside the car, all thirteen men seemed puny.

Despite all that, the aura only made Levi take one look.

He had been on the battlefield for five years, so he had seen all kinds of outstanding fighters before.

He was simply curious as to why someone like that would show up in North Hampton.

Levi was about to enter the hospital when he bumped into a group of men.

Simon had made the arrangements to transfer Dustin Lopez, and Benny was there with them.

“Mr. Quinton?” blurted Levi.

Benny sighed a breath of relief as soon as he saw Levi there.

I’ll be fine with him here.

Simon looked displeased as he asked, “What’s going on?”

Harry rushed over immediately and complained, “That is Levi Garrison! He whipped Dustin ten times and put Dustin in that state. He was also involved in the incidents that hurt Quentin and Wesley.”

“That’s right. He’s Levi Garrison! You should kick his ass right away!”

“He has always been disrespectful to the Lopez family and often insulted Sebastian.”


Shaun and the others started bullshitting once more.

Simon became furious when he heard that. “You’re responsible for this?”

The Lopez family’s bodyguards all turned and glared at Levi right away.

“Yeah, I did that. You guys want Mr. Quinton to treat him? Nope, no one is allowed to treat him!”

Levi’s voice sounded even, but his tone was evil.

Even Simon was stunned.

There are people brave enough to be that disrespectful to the Lopez family of South City?

That was basically asking the devil himself to come to collect one’s soul.

Simon and the others didn’t buy it when Harry and his family bullshitted.

Meeting Levi in person showed Simon that the brat was even more arrogant than how Harry described.

“Let’s go, Mr. Quinton!” said Levi.

“No one is leaving! Take them down,” ordered Simon angrily.

The handful of men following his lead attacked instantly.

However, those men were no match against Levi.

It only took him a moment to knock all of them out.

“Quick, get the others over!”

Simon hurried to get more help.

However, Levi left with Benny and his assistant before Simon returned.

Levi was more than capable of defeating Sebastian, but they were at a hospital, after all. It would be bad if things escalated.

That was why Levi had taken Benny away first. Levi would deal with the other issues afterwards.

Sebastian exited the hospital with a bunch of men soon after.

Simon also returned after asking over ten men to follow him to the entrance.

“Where is he? Where is Levi Garrison?” demanded Simon.

Sebastian came as soon as he heard the news that Levi was there to rescue Benny, but he didn’t meet the man.

“Huh? That is not possible. He was here just a second ago!”

There were too many people at the entrance of the hospital, so Harry and the others couldn’t even tell when Levi had slipped away with Benny and his assistant.

“You can’t even keep an eye on one man?” reprimanded Simon.

Sebastian turned even angrier; he was on the verge of exploding.


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