Return Of The God Of War Chapter 398

Chapter 398

Levi Garrison, the man who had crippled three of his successors, had taken Benny Quinton away from right under his nose!

That was an insult to Sebastian.

It embarrassed him!

He had been in North Hampton for less than a day but something that embarrassing had already happened!

Sebastian was so angry that he was going crazy.

He had always viewed his notoriety as something crucial.

Most people in Erudia would tremble in fear when they heard his name.

Yet, someone had utterly disregarded him!

He would not stand by it!

“Send our people out right away and bring me Levi Garrison and Benny Quinton!”

“If you can’t manage that, I will have the Black and White Guards take over!”

Sebastian’s eyes were burning with fury then.

Simon’ entire body trembled.

Letting the Black and White Guards out of their cages when we have just arrived in North Hampton?

If those two monsters were released, North Hampton would be drenched in blood.

Simon was scared of it.

The others were even more terrified.

“I will send our people out right away, sir. Let’s not let the Black and White Guards loose unless it is absolutely necessary,” said Simon.

Harry got curious and asked, “Who are these Black and White Guards?”

“I’ll teach you all about them if I have the time,” puffed Sebastian.

For some reason, Harry could feel a chill running down his spine.


On the other side.

After Levi got Benny into the car, the former got a private plane to take Benny to Vermond immediately.

Azure Dragon followed behind Levi and asked, “What do we do? Sebastian is too powerful; even Liam Macy is not a match against him.”

“Moreover, the powerful families in South City and other remarkable places are going insane and trying to get to North Hampton, too. They want to profit off of Sebastian’s arrival.”

“Nielson is one of those men, and he wants me to ask you if that’s okay.”

Levi’s eyes were cruel when he answered, “Welcome anyone who is here to contribute. If they are only here to cause trouble and steal resources, then tell them to f*** off!”

Azure Dragon trembled. “Understood.”

Levi lit up a cigarette and looked into the distance before he instructed nonchalantly, “As for Sebastian… I will deal with him myself!”

Azure Dragon shivered even more.

That man was truly unlucky to have inspired Levi to personally deal with the matter.

Inside the Lopez family home.

Sebastian was waiting for the news.

Simon soon rushed over and reported, “Sebastian, something bad had happened. Benny Quinton has left North Hampton and has reached Vermond!”


Sebastian jumped up.

“Those people are too much! They showed no regard for me at all,” roared Sebastian.

Simon nodded. “Levi Garrison really is freaking arrogant. He even publicly announced that he will not let anyone treat Dustin’s condition.”

“That asshole! He’s making it personal!” shouted Sebastian. He was holding a cup at the time, and a single squeeze shattered it.

Harry and the others were flabbergasted.

Sebastian is that strong? He really is an expert!

Simon looked troubled as he said, “Now that Benny Quinton is back in Vermond, there is no way we can get him back here.”

“I know! There are too many experts in Vermond, and even I can’t break them.”

Sebastian added, “But I must make Levi Garrison pay!”

Simon quickly said, “I’ve looked into the matter. Levi Garrison may look like he has Nueve and Trey supporting him, but the truth was that all three of them are being supported by the mysterious man behind Morris Group.”

“Morris Group? I’ve heard of that company. They say that aside from the Rogers family, the Morris Group is the most powerful enterprise,” said Sebastian.

“What should we do?” asked Simon.

Sebastian thought about it and replied, “Host a party tonight and invite everybody who is anybody in North Hampton. I want the whole of North Hampton to know that I am here!”

“We’ll have the party right here in the Lopez family’s mansion in North Hampton!”

“Understood,” replied Simon as he nodded.

That got Harry and the others excited.

It was their moment to shine, and that was all thanks to Sebastian.

No one in North Hampton would ever look down on them again.

The elites in North Hampton soon received their invitation.

Winston Gonzales, the four representatives of North Hampton Chamber of Commerce…

Glenn Rogers of the Rogers family, and all other wealthy families were also invited.

Even Liam Macy and the others got their invitation.

Inside the office of Morris Group.

A secretary came in and reported, “Ms. Annabelle, someone from South City has dropped by.”

“What do they want?” asked Iris.

“They are here to send us an invitation card,” the secretary spoke as she handed an invitation card over.

“Oh, and the man said that the invitation card must be handed to the boss,” added the secretary.

Iris opened the invitation card, and it said that the invitation was from Sebastian Lopez.

The content of the invitation, however, sounded barbaric; it felt more like a royal decree than an invitation.

“Sebastian of the South City? Isn’t he related to Zoey?” Iris said suspiciously.

After that, she contacted Neil to tell him about the invitation.

Neil, in turn, brought the invitation card to Levi.

“Sebastian is hosting a party today, and he has actually invited you over. Are you going?” asked Neil with a grin.

Levi smiled mysteriously and read the invitation card as he planned his next move.


Everyone in North Hampton was nervous at that moment.

They knew Sebastian Lopez had suddenly travelled to North Hampton.

Worse still, there were rumors about how he had brought the gods of assassinations known as the Black and White Guards over.

It seemed that a bloody storm was inevitable in North Hampton.

What worried everyone, even more, was the fact that Sebastian seemed interested in extending his business to North Hampton.

To some, that news was devastating.

Sebastian could single-handedly force everyone in North Hampton to bow down to him, and his cruel methods horrified everyone.

He had thrown a party that night, and it seemed that his intention wasn’t pure.


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