Return Of The God Of War Chapter 399

Chapter 399

Sebastian had thrown the party for two reasons. The first was to tell all of North Hampton that he, Sebastian Lopez, was there.

The second was to have everyone pick a side. Those who stood with him would be fine, and those who chose otherwise would die before they know it.

Harry personally looked into all the details of the party and quickly decorated the place.

When evening rolled by, many luxurious cars drove to the Lopez family’s house.

Everyone who was anyone in North Hampton had shown up.

All their net worth was over ten billion, and they used to treat Harry and the others like they were nothing.

However, those same people had been bowing down to Harry and greeting him politely that day.

Harry was delighted.

He had never enjoyed a treatment like that before.

It seemed that having someone strong supporting them had made all the differences.

Shaun Lopez was having fun too. Back in the days, he was the one who had to bow down to the other wealthy kids and appease them.

Even Melanie was benefitting from all that. Many young and powerful men had approached her to chat and flirt with her.

That put Melanie on cloud nine.

“Zoey Lopez is not so great. She is nothing now!”

Henry laughed, “Yes, that’s right. I am so proud to be a member of the Lopez family.”

“Hello, Mr. Lopez.”

Winston, Eric, and a number of other elites greeted Harry.

Harry was so excited that he almost fainted.

He hadn’t even dared to fantasize about such a thing in the past.

The most powerful men in North Hampton had come to greet him!

Even one of the most popular guys in North Hampton, Glenn Rogers, had approached Harry.

When eight o’clock rolled by, almost everyone who had been invited had shown up.

Everyone sat in their seats as they waited patiently for Sebastian to show up.

Sebastian got out of a locked room inside the Lopez family’s house at that moment.

The locked room rang up with roars.

The men making those noises sounded grouchy and scary.

The cold aura spewing out of that room made everyone shiver in fear.

Simon warned Fabian, “Remember to keep an eye on this door. Do not open it, or you’ll die before you know it.”

“Understood,” replied Fabian.

He had no idea what was locked in there, but given how Simon had warned him, he was certain that whatever’s inside was horrifying.

Unfortunately, the more scared Simon was, the more curious Fabian got.

Fabian stood nervously by the door, and he peeped through the small window.

One look was all it took.


Fabian was so scared that he fell backwards.

No one knew what he saw through that window, but he shouted fearfully, and he turned pale while dripping with sweat.

After that, he hurried out of there…

That night, everyone waited in the party hall.

“Sebastian Lopez is here.”

Everyone stood up to welcome him.

Sebastian exuded an extremely powerful aura and his gaze was enough to get everyone trembling.

If the legendary Black and White Guards were to show up too, everyone would be even more frightened.

Everyone knew Sebastian being there meant that North Hampton was pretty much his.

It would be extremely difficult to live with him because he would not share any of his resources with anyone.

“Sebastian,” greeted Winston and the other men who were sitting at the front.

Sebastian swept his gaze across them before he scoffed and asked, “Who’s the head of Morris Group?”

The entire place turned quiet after Sebastian spoke.

Everyone looked to one another, but no one dared to answer.

“So? Where are the people from Morris Group?” asked Sebastian with a smile.

“Sebastian, um, the people from Morris Group never showed up,” someone piped up.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes, and a terrifyingly cruel glint shimmered past his eyes.

“Who said that the people from Morris Group aren’t here?”

A voice suddenly rang out.


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