Return Of The God Of War Chapter 400

Chapter 400

Everyone turned around.

All they saw was a team of uniformed security guards walking in.

The one leading them over was Seth, the head of security.

He had a rolled-up scroll with him.


Everyone was stunned.

All other companies and family had sent their best and brightest as their representatives, but Morris Group had sent a group of security guards instead.

That was such an arrogant move.

It seemed like they weren’t afraid of Sebastian at all.

“Interesting.” grinned Simon.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes, but he laughed, “Morris Group really is something else for sending their security guard over.”

Seth stood forward and grinned before he said, “Sebastian, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Seth Wilson and am the head of security for Morris Group. My employer has asked me to send you a scroll with some words on it.”

Everyone gasped in shock when they heard that.

Morris Group’s arrogance was ridiculous!

They had sent the head of the security guards as if someone of that rank was all Sebastian’s invitation was worth?

They were blatantly challenging Sebastian!

No one, not even the ones with inside knowledge, knew what game Morris Group was playing.

Glenn, for example, was totally clueless.

He was a little worried about Levi’s challenge going over the board and things spiraling out of control.

Sebastian and the Black and White Guards were lunatics, after all, and if they were cornered, they would do something crazy.

“You are nothing but a freaking security guard, yet you dare to talk to Sebastian? Drop-dead, asshole.”

Shaun already hated Seth, so the former wanted to use Sebastian’s power to destroy the latter.

“Guards! Come and cripple these idiots!” shouted Henry angrily.

“Hang on….”

Sebastian spoke up, “I’m curious and would like to see what the head of Morris Group has gotten for me.”

“Go get it.”

Upon hearing that, Simon walked forward to take the scroll from Seth.

“We will take our leave now,” replied Seth before he turned around to leave.

Shaun wanted to stop Seth, but Simon glared at him.

The Lopezes had no choice but to watch as Seth and the other security guards walked away.

Simon brought the scroll to Sebastian.

“Open it and see what’s inside,” instructed Sebastian, who was curious.

Simon’s long arm held the scroll as it rolled down.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the content of the scroll.

A pin-drop silence fell over the room.

Their jaws dropped because the content was simply that surprising.

Sebastian sensed that something was off, so he walked around to look at the scroll.

Sebastian almost died of high blood pressure and anger when he saw it.

The scroll read, “Fucking Leave North Hampton!”

That was absolutely barbaric!

Turned out, sending the security guards over wasn’t the only arrogant act they had prepared.

The true display of arrogance was what happened next.

No one had ever blatantly demanded Sebastian to leave a place before.

In fact, Sebastian had been in that industry for several decades, but he had never been treated that way before.

“Destroy Morris Group!”

Simon and the Lopez family’s security guards could not hold it in anymore.

They wanted to crush Morris Group then and there.

Simon suddenly realized why Levi had acted so freaking arrogantly.

How could he not be arrogant when he had a boss who acted like that supporting him?

Everyone sitting opposite the stage had their heads down. They were waiting for the inevitable storm.

Infuriating Sebastian Lopez was a terrifying thing to do.

The river would run red with blood, and mountains of bones would rise…

It seemed that a bloody storm was heading for North Hampton.

Sebastian turned to everyone else and asked, “What do you guys know about the head of Morris Group?”

“He’s very mysterious and has never shown his face before. Even his subordinate, Neil, rarely shows up.”

“However, he is probably extremely powerful because he was able to compete against the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and the Gonzales family.”

Everyone chimed in.

“And what do you think, Mr. Gonzales?” asked Sebastian.


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