Return Of The God Of War Chapter 401

Chapter 401

“I advise Sir to withdraw immediately from North Hampton. Your safety is paramount. That is not a man you can afford to offend.”

Everyone, including Sebastian, froze when Winston finished speaking.

What is it? You’re requesting that I vacate North Hampton?

“Indeed. Winston is correct, as is the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce. North Hampton is a world apart from your imagination. “You could perish here,” Robinson and the other three warned.

Finally, Liam added, “That is correct. You cannot afford to offend that gentleman! ”

North Hampton’s three powerful men were persuading him not to stay.

Their pronouncements were shocking.

Winston and the others would never have said such a thing in the past.

They realised, however, what that man’s intentions were after seeing the contents of the painting Seth had shown them.

Sebastian was doomed to death if he insisted on attacking North Hampton.

Sebastian and the others were stunned, staring at the speakers.

I’m afraid I can’t afford to defy the Morris Group?

Is this some sort of joke?

Apart from one man, Sebastian had no one he couldn’t afford to cross.

Furthermore, that individual was now residing in South City, not North Hampton.

“I see.”

Sebastian burst out laughing.

He finally grasped why the residents of North Hampton were opposed to his staying; he was invading their territory.

That was why these individuals were attempting to coerce Morris Group’s CEO into resigning.

He, however, refused to follow their instructions.

The more he realised he couldn’t afford to cross him, the more he desired to attempt it.

North Hampton’s piece of cake had to be his.

He intended to devastate the Morris Group and assassinate Levi Garrison.

Sebastian’s actions were unstoppable even by God.

Sebastian sneered at the crowd, “The theme for this banquet is straightforward. Along with everyone else, I’m going to expand my territory into North Hampton. Give me a sign if you trust me. Your business is now my business.”

Sebastian’s words were straightforward.

He desired that everyone present take a position.

The moment had arrived.

Each individual’s heart skipped a beat.

Liam, Winston, and Eric were the first to speak up. “We’ve hung up our boots. We have ceased to be involved in any disputes in North Hampton.”

“Excellent. And what about the others? ”

Sebastian examined the remainder.

“I’ve decided to follow Mr. Lopez.”

“Also me! ”


Everyone rushed to stand by Sebastian’s side.

“I have chosen to remain neutral.”



A portion of the men chose to remain neutral.

Finally, the three wealthy families on a par with the Rogers family—Jenkins, Welch, and the Hardy family—decided to remain neutral.

After all, their ancestors accumulated tens of billions. They are capable of expanding their territories on their own.

Sebastian became enraged upon hearing these three men’s choices.

His expression terrified the others.

Sebastian may not oppose them, but their days of happiness are numbered.

Each family quickly expressed its position.

Half had chosen to follow Sebastian, while the majority remained neutral.

“Who is going to be the next? Sebastian inquired.

Everyone shifted their gaze to Glenn.

He was the only one who had not expressed their position.

“Dear Mr. What is your response, Glenn Rogers? I am aware that you are now powerful. Please make an informed choice,” Sebastian joked.

Glenn understood exactly what he meant.

Whichever path he took, he would remain Sebastian’s ultimate archenemy.

Now, the choice he would make was critical.

It was time for him to declare his allegiance.

Sebastian would not target him if he chose to remain neutral.

He would not, however, choose neutrality, nor would he choose to follow Sebastian.

“I have chosen to support Morris Group.”


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