Return Of The God Of War Chapter 402

Chapter 402

A chorus of gasps could be heard.

The crowd fell silent as Glenn’s words left his mouth.

Following that were the sounds of people inhaling.

Their eyes were on the verge of popping out of their sockets as they stared in disbelief at Glenn.

Everyone could hardly believe what they were hearing. A third option had been suggested.

They couldn’t believe someone would side with the Morris Group, Sebastian’s arch-enemy.

Glenn appeared to be courting death.

Sebastian’s menacing gaze fell on Glenn, sending a chill down his spine.

Now, terror had a firm grip on him.

“Permit me to ask you one more time. Which option do you prefer? ” Sebastian asked again in a low tone.

Anyone who is neither blind nor deaf would recognise Sebastian’s rage.

Sebastian was enraged by the constant provocation.

Glenn’s body trembled visibly.

He would, however, not reconsider his decision.

That was because he was on the Morris Group’s side, which meant he was on Levi’s side.

Levi is the God of War!

Regardless of how impressive you are, Sebastian, you will never be able to match the God of War.

He was number one in North Hampton because he was a Levi follower.

Without him, the Rogers family would have long since declared bankruptcy.

This was his opportunity to demonstrate his allegiance to Levi.

“I restate my response. I have chosen to support the Morris Group. Whoever is the Morris Group’s adversary will be the Rogers family’s adversary,” Glenn declared.

Nobody could fathom Glenn’s decision.

They reasoned, Even if you do not wish to follow Sebastian, you can remain neutral.

Why are you being pitted against Sebastian?

Do you harbour a desire to die?

Sebastian said, “All right, all right.”

Even he was taken aback by Glenn’s response.

He imagined that everyone in North Hampton would immediately bow to him upon his command.

Despite the fact that it was only his first day here, he had already been provoked several times.

Levi had made him feel humiliated.

He had been coerced by the Morris Group.

The Rogers family had made the decision to oppose him.


This was extremely humiliating!

Sebastian’s pride was shattered in an instant.


It was an uncontrollable rage!

“Has everyone forgotten about me because I haven’t been here in a long time?” Sebastian laughed. ”

“We would never do such a thing! ”

The crowd was taken aback.

Sebastian said to Simon, “Simon, it appears as though we should do something to remind them that I am Hades.”

Simon nodded, “Sir, I will immediately arrange for it.”

Their conversation terrified the crowd.

Sebastian was on the verge of making his move.

Glenn, too, was fearful.

He had his doubts about his ability to leave the Lopez family estate alive tonight.

Henry and Shaun sneered, “You have no fear of death!” Were you compelled to make him do this? ”

Sebastian approached Glenn and patted both of his shoulders. “Do not be afraid. I will not murder you tonight. I’ll demonstrate why your choice is incorrect in the near future.”

Glenn’s clothes were soaked in cold sweat by the time he left the Lopez family estate.

The remaining survivors left with their hearts pounding.

Everyone knew that tonight would be a sleepless night for North Hampton.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes and declared, “We’re going to deal with Nueve and Trey tonight!”

Sebastian continued, “Assign Black and White Guards to it.”

Simon took a deep breath.

He was well aware that Sebastian was serious this time.

Harry and the others exchanged glances. They were aware of the Black and White Guards.

They must be the items that were stored in the forbidden room.

Fabian, who had personally witnessed them, began sweating in fear.


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