Return Of The God Of War Chapter 404

Chapter 404

“Yes. Sebastian is a madman!”

Azure Dragon sighed, “Apparently, he has two terrifying subordinates who are ruthless. Many were bitten to death. Although Nueve and Trey had many men with them, they were no match for those two.”

“They must be the Black and White Guards that Glenn mentioned,” Levi mumbled.

“Do you remember Chopper?”

Levi nodded.

Chopper had been a great help to him.

“Chopper died from blood loss after the Black and White Guards sucked out his blood while he was alive,” Azure Dragon told him the terrifying truth.


Levi looked calm, but on the inside, anger was boiling.

“Let’s visit Nueve.”

When they reached the hospital, they saw Neuve and Trey swaddled in bandages.

With one glance, Levi knew how terrible last night had been for them.

“Neuve has 87 broken bones and 105 cuts on him. Trey has 76 broken bones, and he has 88 cuts.”

Azure Dragon informed Levi of their injuries.

“It seems like it’s a miracle that they survived. They can only live as a cripple from now on,” the doctor explained.

Azure Dragon whispered to Levi, “Sir, I think the Black and White Guards intentionally left Nueve and Trey alive. It’s a warning for us.”

Levi nodded. “Yes, I’ve noticed. They have more than a hundred wounds, but each cut avoided the vital points. It seems like those two are quite impressive.”

“How cruel,” Azure Dragon gritted out.

“If we don’t deal with them, they might end up hurting Ms. Lopez. That’s a consequence we don’t want to think about.”

Kirin suggested, “Let me deal with this.”

Levi shook his head. “No need. It’s time for White Tiger to exercise a little.”

“Huh? White Tiger?”

Azure Dragon and Kirin were bewildered.

He was a man with a great reputation and influence.

White Tiger, the King of War, had a nickname on the battlefield— War Machine.

That title was the nightmare of many enemies.

That was because White Tiger was a maniac and also the devil of the battlefield.

In the Five Great Wars Regiment, he was the best fighter.

Once, White Tiger had fought his way out of tens of thousands of enemies without a scratch on him.

In that battle, he had killed over six thousand people all by himself. That battle was the one where his reputation was established.

However, he was the cruelest and most controversial one.

As long as White Tiger made a move, his opponent will die. There were no other options for them.

Once, he murdered tens of thousands of prisoners, and he nearly went to the military court.

Hence, that was why Levi had made him stay low for such a long time.

Every time White Tiger made a move, a disaster ensued.

“Yes. It’s time for him to act.”

Levi was determined.


Sebastian’s act of sending out the Black and White Guards to create a bloodbath in the underground world frightened everyone.

Sebastian’s title as the Hades had returned overnight.

People from all corners of North Hampton were trembling in terror.

They were scared that they would be his next target.

After all, the enemy was in the shadows.

Glenn was distressed.

The entire Rogers family was feeling dreadful.

Last night, it had been Nueve and Trey.

The next in line would definitely be the Rogers family.

Glenn started sobbing.

He could not cross both sides.

Crossing either side would result in death.

They thought that the Rogers family had finally reached their prime, but now they were facing an impossible obstacle.

At the Lopez family’s estate.

Sebastian was satisfied with the reactions of the people in North Hampton.

“Violence is needed for them to feel fear. If not, there’s always someone who’s trying to provoke me,” Sebastian sneered.

“Who should I deal with next?” Sebastian contemplated


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