Return Of The God Of War Chapter 405

Chapter 405

Henry stepped forward and uttered, “Sir, I have a suggestion. It’s a plan that will kill two birds with one stone.”

“Speak your mind. If it’s satisfactory, I’ll reward you for it,” Sebastian said.

“Glenn Rogers has a granddaughter named Abigail Rogers. Moreover, Abigail Rogers is Levi’s sister-in-law, and they’re close to each other,” Henry cackled.

Upon hearing this, Sebastian’s eyes gleamed.

“Wonderful! Simon, bring Abigail to me,” he instructed.

“Yes, Sir.”

Sebastian then turned toward Henry. “You have quite a lot of ideas. Follow me from now on.”

“Thank you, Sir, for this honor.”

Henry immediately got to his knees and kneeled to Sebastian.

If he followed Sebastian, his life in North Hampton would be easy.

Abigail was currently doing an internship in market research.

In the evening, when she and her classmates were about to return home, several large men came towards them.

“Ms. Rogers, please come with us.”

Instantly, one of the women started dragging her away.

“What? I don’t know you.”

Abigail had a displeased look on her face.

Among Abigail’s classmates were her admirers. They swiftly intervened.

“What are you all trying to do?”

A few tall classmates stepped in front of Abigail to protect her.

Their answers were in the form of a punch. Instantly, their faces were bloodied and their noses were broken.

Abigail was taken away as the others watched.

Levi was drinking tea in the Morris Group’s office.

Right then, Seth Wilson, the leader of the security team, called.

“Levi, bad news! The Lopez family said that your sister-in-law is in their hands. If you don’t reach the Lopez family’s estate by twelve, Abigail will be handed to the Black and White Guards,” reported Seth anxiously.

“What? Abigail’s been caught? They must have a death wish!” Levi fumed.

He had sent his men to protect Zoey, but he had not thought the possibility of Abigail being caught.

It would be horrendous if Abigail ended up in the Black and White Guards’ hands.

From what he heard, the Black and White Guards were not only cruel executioners, but they were also perverts.

On the other side, Glenn Rogers had also received news of Abigail’s capture.

Glenn was in a panic; this was his beloved granddaughter.

In the evening, at the Lopez family’s estate, Abigail was locked in a room.

However, there were sounds and movements from the other side of the room. It was as if there were two pacing beasts breathing heavily.

Fortunately, there was a window between the two rooms, and both sides could see each other.

When Abigail looked through the window and saw the two beasts, she shrieked in horror.

One was dressed in black, and the other was dressed in white. Both men had far too much hair on them to look human.

Not only were their arms and legs covered in thick hair, but their faces were also hairy.

They looked like savages.

The two men had grown up in a pack of wolves. Their habits and behaviors were similar to those of a wolf.

The two were baring their teeth at Abigail, and she could smell the pungent scent of blood.

Their eyes were the eyes of beasts. One look and Abigail was crying out of horror.

Sebastian went to the forbidden room and smiled. “This girl is your reward. After you’ve enjoyed her thoroughly, help me kill her later.”


The Black and White Guards nodded as they eagerly looked at Abigail.

“No! Don’t!”

Abigail knew what was coming next, but Sebastian was already gone.

Before he left, he threw the keys to the two men.

The Black and White Guards swiftly unlocked the door.


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