Return Of The God Of War Chapter 406

Chapter 406

The two beasts quickly opened Abigail’s door and rushed in.

She closed her eyes in despair.

“Levi, save me, please…”

Levi’s face emerged in Abigail’s mind.

Just as the Black and White Guards were about to pounce on Abigail, they suddenly stopped.

Slowly, they turned their heads to look.

Nearby, there was a man in green military attire. His cap blocked his face.

The only thing they could see was that he had a cigarette between his lips, and he was taking a long drag.

He beckoned the Black and White Guards.

Cracking sounds came from the joints of the Black and White Guards.

Both were looking at that man in excitement.

Their eyes were an eerie green, and it was as if they had turned into wolves.

The sense of danger which that man exuded made them interested.

That man was White Tiger.

He had finally stepped into the sun after arriving in North Hampton a few months earlier.

In the next second, the Black and White Guards charged.

They struck out as swift as lightning.

It was as if two wolves were charging towards White Tiger.

Like claws, Black Guard swung his hands at White Tiger.

However, White Tiger was as quick as them; he dodged it easily.

He then grabbed Black Guard’s waist and slammed his knee onto the other man’s body.

A blow from his knee broke Black Guard’s back.


Black Guard howled like a beast as he collapsed on the floor, unmoving.

His spine was broken.

It was now impossible for him to muster any strength at all.

Instantly, White Guard’s attack came too. Swiftly, White Tiger tilted to the side to dodge it. Before White Guard could attack again, White Tiger had already restrained his arms and in one move, he bent them.

Both of White Guard’s arms were torn out from their sockets by White Tiger. He threw the arms onto the floor, where they still wiggled.

Abigail was terrified by the scene, but she could not tear her eyes off it.

“Close your eyes!”

A voice traveled into her ears and made her feel at ease.

“Levi, you’re finally here!”

Abigail jumped into Levi’s arms and hugged him.

The Black and White Guards were looking at White Tiger in disbelief.

Never in their life had they encountered a man as skilled as him.

It was incredulous!

White Tiger looked at the two and shook his head in disappointment.

To him, these two were too easy of an opponent.

He had thought that a skilled fighter was waiting for him, but he ended up meeting two pieces of trash.

Instead of leaving immediately, White Tiger kept stepping from left to right and vice versa.

When the Black and White Guards noticed it, they wailed.

They saw thin threads encircling every part of their body.

These thin threads were deadly and sharp. A gentle touch of them would make the fingers bleed.


What he’s about to do is…

When the Black and White Guards realized what White Tiger was doing, they were terrified.

This was the first time they had felt fear in their lives.

This was the first time they had met someone who was stronger and crueler than them.

White Tiger walked forward as both of his hands held onto a thin thread each.

He tugged his hands back. The threads straightened and glided through the Black and White Guards’ bodies.

Without another sound, the Black and White Guards were dead.

Moreover, their bodies were sliced into multiple pieces.

In the end, when they left, Levi carried Abigail on his back as White Tiger followed behind them. On his face was a look of dissatisfaction.

In the Lopez family’s living room.

Sebastian was still sipping on his tea and waiting for the news.

“Is Levi too scared to come now?” Simon questioned.

Henry laughed, “He must be. Levi would not risk his life to save someone like Abigail.”


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