Return Of The God Of War Chapter 409

Chapter 409

He knew Neil was warning him that if he could not fork out ten billion, he was as good as dead.

After looking at Simon for a moment, Sebastian relented.

“Alright. I’ll give you ten billion, but you have to let me go.”

Neil nodded. “No problem. As long as you give us exactly ten billion, it won’t be worth it for us to take your crappy life.”

Sebastian nearly spat blood in the midst of his fury.

Not only was he blackmailed of ten billion, but he also had to endure humiliation.

“Simon, transfer the money to them now.”

Swiftly, Simon and Elena transferred ten billion to the Morris Group.

Neil chuckled, “Mr. Lopez, you’re welcome to visit us at North Hampton again. Thank you for your contribution.”

Sebastian stumbled and fell onto the floor.

He was at the worst moment of his life.

Sebastian had come to North Hampton with such grandeur and he left in three days.

The Black and White Guards were permanently left behind in North Hampton, and so was his ten billion.

The news quickly spread.

People from all parts of Erudia were shocked when they received the news.

Even Sebastian Lopez, Hades, was kicked out in such a sorry state?

Is North Hampton that horrifying of a place?

Haven’t the three prominent figures in North Hampton collapsed?

Is there another frightening presence in North Hampton?

More and more powerful families started observing in silence.

They had slowly come to realize that North Hampton, as great as it was, was not an easy piece of cake to get.

No one was capable of rising in North Hampton unless they were obedient to the rules and sincere in contributing to North Hampton. Otherwise, they would all end up like Sebastian Lopez.

This was Sebastian’s greatest humiliation in life.

Everyone knew that Sebastian would not let the matter go.

One day, he would return to North Hampton to take his revenge.


The one who had planned to take ten billion from Sebastian was naturally Levi.

“Sir, we have ten billion now. What do we do with it?” Kirin and Elena queried.

“Invest it all into North Hampton’s development. Firstly, set up a foundation to allocate the funds to help those in need. Secondly, build more nursing homes, orphanages and free schools. Thirdly, invest the money in the poorer areas of North Hampton for its development, like their agricultural products,” Levi instructed.

After listening, Kirin and Elena’s eyes lit up.

Levi’s mind was at a level that they could not dream of reaching.

They had thought that Levi would use the ten billion for the development of Morris Group.

Elena worriedly said, “Mr. Garrison, Sebastian would definitely come back. He’s not one to take such losses quietly.”

Levi huffed in laughter as he held onto his cigarette.

“That’s great. It won’t only be ten billion next time. Honestly, I hope idiots like Sebastian come more often. It’s a great help for North Hampton’s development.”

Kirin and Elena nearly spat blood when they heard his words.

If his words were heard by the prominent figures in South City, they might just die from a heart attack.

No one in North Hampton had thought that Sebastian would leave the place as disheveled as he was.

The one who benefited most from his departure was the Rogers family.

That night when they went against Sebastian, everyone had thought that it was the end for the Rogers family.

However, the loser turned out to be Sebastian.

After defeating Sebastian, the Rogers family and Morris Group’s shares soared.

Now, both of them were the pillars of North Hampton.

On this day, Levi had just arrived in the company when Iris came to him.

“Quick. Prepare yourself. You have a press conference in a moment. Tidy yourself up to look livelier later.”

Iris handed him a suit.

However, Levi did not wear it.

He did not see the need to.

Soon, the reporters arrived.

“Huh? Why is it you? Levi?”


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