Return Of The God Of War Chapter 410

Chapter 410

The pretty reporter was stunned as she blurted out her question.

Levi rubbed his eyes and took a good look at her.

Now, he remembered.

The pretty reporter in front of him was the young intern that joined North Hampton Television Network six years ago.

Back then, she had interviewed Morris and him.

Levi remembered that this young reporter was no honest woman.

Her attempts to seduce him had failed. She then tried to seduce Morris, but failed as well.

In the end, Levi reported her to her superior.

She was penalized, and her internship was canceled. From then on, she was blacklisted from the television station.

Yet, unexpectedly, she was still working in the station. It seemed like she was one of the older and experienced reporters in her company.


Back then, Margaret had been fired by the station after Levi’s complaint.

However, Margaret slept with one of the persons-in-charge in the station, and managed to return to her post.

From then on, her career was smooth. Now, she was the golden child of the station and the most vital reporter there.

Furthermore, she was pretty and elegant. She was well-respected among her peers, and she was the ace of her company.

As Morris Group’s development had been going fantastically, the television station assigned their ace to interview them.

Before coming, Margaret had been anxious.

After all, Morris Group was the main support of North Hampton.

She was worried about interviewing a company as large as the Morris Group.

At the same time, she wanted to become acquaintances with them.

It would be best if she could be acquaintances with Neil or the mysterious boss behind Morris Group.

Margaret had prepared stockings and some other items in her purse; she was ready to use her body to achieve her goal at any time.

Yet, she did not expect the interviewee to be Levi.

“Ms. Ward, this man is Levi Garrison. He’s our company’s representative for this interview,” Iris’ secretary introduced.

Margaret frowned and asked curiously, “Would you please tell me who Mr. Garrison is?”

“Oh, he’s the technical adviser. I don’t know why Ms. Anabelle assigned him as the representative for the interview. Honestly, I think he’s the least qualified.

If it were up to me, I’d rather send a security guard or a janitor,” Iris’ secretary whispered her complaints into Margaret’s ears.

“If Ms. Ward isn’t happy about the situation, I can suggest to Ms. Anabelle to have someone more important to come for the interview,” the secretary suggested.

Margaret smiled. “No need. I’m alright with him.”

“Very well. Please begin, Ms. Ward. You can look for me if there are any problems.”

After the secretary left, Margaret looked at Levi from head to toe.

“Levi, you must not have thought of a day that we’ll meet again like this, have you? I didn’t think you’ll still be in the Levi Group,” Margaret mocked.

Levi chuckled, “And I didn’t think you’ll still be working at North Hampton Television Station. Weren’t you fired?”

The cameraman at the side sneered, “Please be mindful of your words. Ms. Ward is the ace of our station. She’s the best reporter we’ve got.”

Margaret gleefully smiled at Levi.

“How did you do that? Did you…”

A look of surprise emerged on Levi’s face.


Knowing what Levi was about to say, Margaret trembled in rage.

“I got to where I am with my own talents. I’m not like a certain someone, who I’ve heard was earning a living by pulling a little strings here and there.

Apparently, he’s much more useless than the guards and the janitors.

That’s true. After all, you were just released from prison. It’s a miracle that you even have a job,” Margaret ridiculed.

The other staff on sight could not help but say, “Ms. Ward, isn’t the Morris Group too much? They sent an ex-convict for us to interview. They’re obviously looking down on us!”


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