Return Of The God Of War Chapter 411

Chapter 411

“That’s right. We won’t conduct an interview like this. Let’s go back.”

An evil thought popped in Margaret’s mind, and she laughed, “No, no. We have to continue the interview. The Morris Group is North Hampton’s top company. They’re not looking down on us.”

“Get ready, Levi. We’re starting the interview now,” Margaret announced.


Although he despised this woman, he had to continue with the interview.

Otherwise, he would not know how to explain to Iris.

When the camera started rolling, Margaret presented herself in the perfect way she always did. That was the professionalism she had honed throughout the years.

After introducing the interview while facing the camera, she started interviewing Levi.

“Mr. Levi Garrison, I heard that you were jailed on the charges of adultery. Is that true?”

Without any changes in expression, Levi nodded.


“Was your jail term six years?”

“That’s right.”

“When were you released from jail?”

“Three months ago.”

“I heard that you entered the Morris Group by pulling strings after your release?”

“Who was the one who got you into the company?”

“As Levi Group’s ex-president, how do you feel working in the company that used to be yours?”

“I heard that your private life is a mess, and you were interested in your sister-in-law. Is that true?”

The staff at the station was dumbfounded just after the interview started.

The questions that Margaret was asking Levi were not the same as the ones in the script.

Originally, the interview would be about Morris Group’s future developments, but every question Margaret asked was in relation to Levi.

Moreover, every question was ruthless and a personal attack on him.

Margaret’s sinister intentions were obvious to Levi.

However, if he did not take the interview obediently, Iris would definitely complain about him again.

Therefore, he answered every question Margaret asked.

Half an hour later, the interview ended.

Margaret immediately dropped the professional smile from her face.

“Levi, are you pleasantly surprised? After all, you’ll be on television soon,” Margaret asked with a smile.

Then, she asked the others to leave the room.

“Levi, you never expected this, did you? Not only was I not fired, but I’m also doing well at North Hampton Television Station. Are you angry? Let me tell you this- Morris and you are insolent fools. I was kind to give you a chance back then, but you were ungrateful, and you even reported me to my superior! Did it do anything? Crushing you now is simple for someone of my status. It’s easy to ruin your reputation.”

Margaret stared at Levi with gloating eyes.

Levi chuckled, “The road you’re on is a short one. Karma is around the corner.”

He knew with a glance that Margaret must have climbed the ranks by sleeping with the superiors.

“Hmph. Is that so? It’s been years, and I’m still doing fine. Also, I’ll be going to South City Television Station next.”

The gloating look was still in Margaret’s eyes.

Levi gave her a meaningful smile. “Is that so? You won’t be able to go there.”

“Levi, I still remember you reporting me six years ago. Now, let me tell you this. I’ll definitely take my revenge. Just you wait!”

At that, Margaret left the conference room.

However, she did not leave the building.

In the name of collecting materials for the interview, she started wandering around the Morris Group’s office.

She handed her contact number whenever she met male executives.

In the end, she went to Iris.

“Ms. Anabelle, will I get the chance to meet the Morris Group’s boss or Mr. Rhhodes today?” Margaret inquired.


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