Return Of The God Of War Chapter 412

Chapter 412

Margaret’s eyes were gleaming.

She was involved with the upper-class society in North Hampton, and she knew about every recent big event.

For example, she knew everything about Sebastian Lopez’s failure in North Hampton.

She also knew that the one who defeated Sebastian was Morris Group’s boss.

If she were able to win over the boss or Neil Rhodes, her bright future would be guaranteed.

Margaret was a beautiful and elegant woman. She was the beauty of the station.

Margaret was confident of her charms.

She was sure that she would be able to win the mysterious boss and Neil’s heart when she met them.

Once they went up on her bed, she was confident none would be able to come back down.

This was her survival skill.

Otherwise, a young intern with no background like her would not be able to have tens of millions, eight properties and a villa in North Hampton.

These were not gifts that fell from the sky.

“Unfortunately, they’re not in the office today,” Iris replied with a polite smile.

Even I haven’t seen the boss yet. What gives you the courage to ask this?

“Ms. Annabelle, I’ll apply for an exclusive interview with the Morris Group’s boss and Mr. Rhodes when I get back to the station. This will be advantageous for the Morris Group. I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate on why.”

A bright smile hung on Margaret’s lips.

“Sure. I’ll try my best to make arrangements for it,” Iris answered.

It was mostly because she wanted to meet the mysterious boss too.

After that, Margaret left. On her way out, she winked at the numerous passing men.

In the corridor, she even encountered Levi.

She sneered, “You tried to destroy me back then. Now, just watch as I destroy you.”

Levi ignored her words; she was not even a threat to him.

Even someone like Sebastian had to pay up ten billion in the end.

At that moment, Jesse called.

“What’s wrong, Nielson?” Levi asked.

“Sir, I’ll be straightforward with you. We’ve discussed the recent matters and the changes in North Hampton’s market. We’ve decided on holding an investment promotion conference. The main purpose of it is to attract foreign individuals and companies to invest. It’ll stabilize North Hampton’s market, and it’ll also help with the development. What do you think about it?” Jesse queried.

Levi brightened up. “Not bad, Nielson. That sounds great! Everyone’s been wanting a piece of North Hampton recently. The earlier we deal with this, the better it’ll be. It’s a fantastic idea. You have my approval!”

Jesse hesitated before saying, “But I need to go to Vermond for a meeting soon. I’ll be there for about a month. You’ll have to take the full responsibility for the investment promotion conference this time. After all, you’re the deputy of North Hampton.”

“That’s fine. Leave it to me.”


Levi, too, felt that it was an outstanding plan.

He welcomed everyone to the market as long as they were contributing to North Hampton.

After establishing this rule, North Hampton was running smoother than before.

After getting Levi’s approval, North Hampton promulgated the policy, and the investment promotion conference was swiftly declared to take place in three days.

The host of the conference would be Deputy Garrison.

The moment the North Hampton Television Station received the news, they started reporting and promoting it.

Soon, the head of the station came to look for Margaret.

“Margaret, you’ll be doing full-day interviews at the exhibition center these few days. We’ll be depending on you for it!”

After hearing his words, Margaret’s eyes lit up.

An investment promotion conference as large-scale as this meant that she would be able to socialize with more prominent figures and expand her social network.

Margaret was more than willing to do this.

“Also, the host for the conference is the new deputy of North Hampton.

You have to find a way to get an exclusive interview with him.

If you do this, you’re definitely getting the promotion next month!”


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