Return Of The God Of War Chapter 413

Chapter 413

The head of the station was confident in her skills.

Margaret reassured, “Sir, I guarantee I’ll do it well!”

“Yes. After all, you’re our ace. Hehe…”

The man’s eyes started wandering across Margaret’s body.

“Thank you for giving me this chance,” she giggled as she intentionally made herself slip and fall into his arms.

Soon, an explicit scene took place in the office.

After the interview, Iris came to Levi.

“How was the interview?”

“It should be fine.” Levi nodded.

Iris said to him solemnly, “Levi, you have to understand that I’m trying to give you a chance. This is a way for you to make yourself more important in the company. Otherwise, Zoey will leave you far behind.”

Iris’ arrangement this time was a selfish decision.

She wanted Levi to have more chances to become a more impressive person.

“Alright, thank you, Ms. Anabelle.” Levi smiled wryly.

“Sure. All we need to do now is to wait for the interview to be broadcasted.”

Iris was sure that Levi would become more reputable once the interview was out.

That way, she would be able to arrange a better position in the company for him.

On that day, Levi left work earlier to pick Aaron and his wife with Zoey.

When the couple found out that Zoey was now the chairman of the Oriental Star Group, they were overjoyed.

Zoey laughed, “Dad, Mom, Levi’s doing not bad too.

Iris has assigned him to an interview with North Hampton Television Station. It’ll be broadcasted tonight.

When that happens, Levi will be well known in North Hampton too.”

“That’s great!”

Aaron sneered, “That old man shouldn’t have been only nice to Fabian and Henry. Look at how well we’re doing. Hmph!”

Caitlyn was also proud of them.

After all, they had gone through much suffering in the Lopez family.

The ones that the head of the Lopez family looked down on most were them.

Now, they had finally made a name for themselves.

In the evening, Levi and the other three sat in front of the television and waited for his interview to come on.

“Here it comes!”

Instantly, everyone’s gazes were fixed on the television.

The first to appear was Margaret. She gave a detailed explanation of the Morris Group.

“This reporter’s great. She’s a well-known reporter in North Hampton. I always see her on TV,” Aaron praised.

Caitlyn nodded. “That’s right. She’s the best reporter in North Hampton. She has even interviewed the director of the hospital!”

“The reason behind Morris Group’s success was the hard work of their brilliant employees. I took a trip around the Morris Group, and I’ve realized that the talented ones are all here.”

Then, Margaret changed the topic. “However, after a long while, I’ve finally found an employee who doesn’t fit into the Morris Group. His presence in the Morris Group is a disgrace to them.”

In the beginning, Margaret had used several minutes to pour praises on the Morris Group.

Now, she was pinpointing on a single employee.

It was easy to understand what she was trying to tell the audience—the next section she was going to talk about was only directed to a specific person instead of the Morris Group.

However, the audience in front of their television held their breaths in shock at the turn of events.

Besides Levi, the rest of the family was looking at each other.

A sense of unease shot through them.

“I shouldn’t point out who that employee is, but the Morris Group is the hope of North Hampton. I can’t possibly allow a douchebag like him to taint Morris Group. It’s quite an interesting matter, actually. This employee is Levi Garrison, the founder of Levi Group, which was the company before Morris Group.”


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