Return Of The God Of War Chapter 414

Chapter 414

The moment Margaret said his name, the audience gasped.

“What? Levi?”

Aaron, Caitlyn and Zoey all turned to look at Levi.

Didn’t they say that if Levi takes the interview, he’ll become a reputable figure? Why did he become a douchebag employee? What’s going on?

Levi was silently watching the interview.

What a daring reporter.

The interview continued.

Margaret laughed, “Maybe you think that he’s someone talented to be able to join the Morris Group, but I’ve done my investigation. Levi has joined the company by pulling strings, and he hasn’t been doing much every day. At work, he only drinks his tea, smokes his cigarette, and sleeps at his desk. He does nothing. His reputation in the company is terrible. More than 80 percent of his colleagues hate him, but because he’s associates with the executives, they can’t do anything about him. Only some old staff from Levi Group have a better impression of him. But as an outsider, I can’t bear to watch it continue. A cancerous tumor like him will end up ruining the Morris Group. Morris Group is the hope of North Hampton now. They’re our hope! I can’t allow a poisonous person like him to remain in the company! Furthermore, Levi has a poor character, and his private life is a mess. He was once interested in his sister-in-law, and even now, he’s still in an ambiguous relationship with her. These aren’t my guesses; these are the results of my investigation. I’ve also interviewed him, and he has admitted to what he’s done.”

Soon, the interview with Levi was played.

Margaret asked, “I heard that your private life is a mess, and you were interested in your sister-in-law. Is that true?”

Levi answered, “Yes, that’s true.”

Margaret continued, “Did you embezzle public funds when you were in Levi Group?”

Levi admitted, “Yes, it did happen.”

The questions Margaret asked Levi in the interview were all sensitive topics.

However, Levi said yes to all her questions.

The interview was a bolt from the blue.

Zoey and the rest were stunned after watching the interview.

They looked at him in shock and asked, “Levi, are you stupid? Why did you answer everything she asked? Why did you admit to things you haven’t done?”

“That’s right. Have you gone mad? How can you say such ridiculous things?”

Zoey had a look of disbelief on her face.

On the other hand, Levi was calm.

What a cunning woman.

She’s really trying to destroy me.

There had been no problems with the questions she asked.

However, the interview that was broadcasted had been edited.

She had intentionally edited Levi’s answers for the other questions.

It made it look as if he had admitted to having a relationship with his sister-in-law.

Generally, no one would believe in an interview like this.

Anyone with a hint of analytical skills would realize that it was an edited video.

However, this was broadcasted by a television station. That meant it was official, and there was a sense of authority about it.

If it was released to the public, that meant the video was reviewed, and that the contents were true.

Even those who had doubts would have to believe in it.

This was what Margaret could do.

This edited video made Levi seem like the cancerous tumor of the Morris Group.

It was that simple to ruin a person in nowadays’ society.

From now on, there was no place for Levi in the Morris Group.

No major companies in North Hampton would dare to take in Levi either.

In fact, some restaurants and public spaces would refuse Levi’s patronage.

If it were someone else, if it had been someone average, this would be the end of them.


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