Return Of The God Of War Chapter 416

Chapter 416

Levi ignored it and went on with whatever he did, much to Zoey’s disappointment.

If it were in the past, he would have come up with a way to settle the matter on the spot instead of dragging it out.

However, he lost that part of him now, and he was smoking even at a time like this.

Margaret called him before he slept just to mock him.

“How do you feel now, Mr. Garrison?”

She chuckled.

Levi smiled. “Is that all that you’ve got? It doesn’t hurt that much. No, scratch it. I don’t feel a thing.”

“Yeah, keep acting and maybe you can start a career that way Don’t you know the situation you’re in right now?”

She sneered, “Just you wait. Tomorrow is going to be even worse for you. But if you want to settle this, just grovel before me, and I might just let you go. If you don’t, then you can kiss North Hampton goodbye.”

Margaret cackled. Oh, destroying someone’s life is so much fun! Especially when the guy is someone I hate! Dragging him down to hell. Mmm…

Levi smiled. “We’ll see who has the last laugh.”

Margaret veered away from the topic, “It’s a shame Morris has died, otherwise I would have done the same thing to him too.”

Levi’s eyes revealed a hint of viciousness. How dare she disrespects the dead.

Levi went to Morris Group as usual the next day, but everyone looked at him weirdly the moment he came in.

Seth came up to him and whispered, “Are you being sabotaged, Levi?”

“I can handle this.” Levi gave a nod as he chuckled.

Not everyone saw things as clearly as Seth did though, and most of them thought everything Margaret said on the interview was real.

All the top management now looked at Levi in disgust.

They could ignore most of the little transgressions he did in the past, but things have been different since that interview.

“How dare you come here, Levi? Scram! Don’t make this hard for everyone.”

“Yeah. Morris Group might be a new company, but we will never allow a disgusting man like you here!”

Iris was troubled, for all the top management requested for her to fire Levi.

Left with no choice, she called for a meeting to vote on Levi’s fate.

There was no question about the result as most people wanted him to leave.

It was hard on her, but still, she came to tell Levi that he was sacked. “I have no choice, Levi. I’ll think of some ways to salvage this though.” Iris felt guilty.

“It’s fine.” He left the company in the end.

Levi was going to work on getting new funds, so he couldn’t work at the company anyway.

Well, just as I planned.

When the news of his sacking was announced, the whole company cheered in joy, but Elena and Isaiah smiled bitterly. Have fun while you still can.

Once he comes back, you’re the ones who’re getting sacked.

Levi went to North Hampton’s exhibition center to monitor the decorations, and the person in charge was shocked to find that he was here.

“Mr. Garrison! So far, we’ve received 74 registrations, and all of them are big companies!

The registrations are still piling on, and here’s the list so far! Please have a look!


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