Return Of The God Of War Chapter 417

Chapter 417

Levi skimmed through it and noticed the name of many big companies on it.

“Mr. Garrison, North Hampton’s news channel and media outlets are planning on filming the venue for publicity. Is that fine by you?” The person in charge asked.

“Of course. Do it as much as possible. It will do good for us. Oh right. Who’s the reporter for this session?” Levi asked.

“Let me check. Oh, it’s someone called Margaret,” he replied.

Levi smirked. Well, what are the odds?

At the same time, Margaret and the other reporters were waiting outside the hall. She had just gotten the news about Levi’s sacking, and it delighted her.

Yeah, so this is how it feels! She sneered. “This is just the beginning, Levi. It’s going to get harder for you. You might even starve to death because you’d be out of cash to buy even a grain of rice!”

Margaret suddenly laughed.

“What happened to her?” Some reporters asked.

“Nothing. I just destroyed my old enemy and got him fired.” Margaret grinned.

“That’s good news,” everyone buttered her up.

“Thanks. I’ll treat you guys to a meal after this.” Margaret was elated.

“OK, you guys may head in now. Some things must be kept secret, so don’t go doing anything you shouldn’t. You know the rules,” the staff told them.

“Of course.”

Everyone picked up their gear and entered the hall, while Margaret went up to the staff and asked, “Mister, who is this boss you’ve been talking about?”

“Keep this a secret. The boss came here today to monitor on the progress of the event. He’s such a responsible guy. Everyone calls him Mr. Garrison and he is the second-in-command of this event. I saw him just now, and he doesn’t look a day older than twenty-eight,” the staff replied.

Margaret’s eyes shone. That’s the job the channel asked me to do!

The mysterious Mr. Garrison is here today? Great! I must interview him.

Apart from getting an interview, Margaret hoped sparks would fly between them, since he was young and successful. Little did she know that the spark she had anticipated turn out to be the exact opposite of her imagination.

Everyone got on to their work after entering the hall.

Margaret was a true professional, and she beat everyone else by finishing her job first. Even so, she kept strolling around in the hall.

She had been looking around ever since she came in to catch a glimpse of Mr. Garrison, but none of the guys she saw fitted the bill.

He might be in the backstage. After a while, she went to the backstage, but there were many rooms there, so she searched them one by one.

After searching a few dozen rooms she finally came into one that was crowded with a young man in the center.

Judging by the vibe he was giving off, she was sure this was Mr. Garrison.

He looks familiar though. Where have I seen him before?

Trepidation and excitement swirled within her.

Now that I found him, I’m not going to let this chance go to waste. Time for an interview!


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