Return Of The God Of War Chapter 419

Chapter 419

Aaron was fuming, and Caitlyn was vexed.

Initially, the company had released the documents officiating her promotion to department head, but now it was delayed.

If the matter was not resolved, someone else might take her place.

To make matters worse, she couldn’t even return to work now.

Zoey called Iris over to ask for her opinion.

“Let me talk to Margaret. This can only die down if she clears things up herself.”

Iris called Margaret.

“Hey, Miss Iris. Is there anything I can do for you?”

Iris replied, “Margaret, I hope you can stop what you’re doing right now. Don’t make it worse for Levi. He’s already having it hard.”

Margaret sneered, “Hard? The people he destroyed had it harder. Has he ever thought of that? No. Besides, why are you interfering in this matter? Isn’t it great that I helped you get rid of a canker?”

Iris was slightly annoyed.

“You did help the Morris Group, so technically speaking, I should thank you. But on a personal level, Levi is my best friend’s husband. So, I want to talk to you about this. What are your terms?”

Margaret said, “I can stop this if you want to, and my terms are simple. Arrange an interview for me tomorrow, and I want the interviewees to be Neil and the boss behind Morris Group. If you can do it, I’ll take everything back and lay off Levi’s back.”

“Very well then. I’ll try.” Iris hung up and called Neil, “I have something to trouble you…”

Kirin listened to what she had to say before replying, “Let her come to the company tomorrow then we’ll see.”

That must mean Neil agreed to the interview…

At least that was what Iris thought and she conveyed the message to Margaret.

Margaret guaranteed that she would take back all the accusations she made against Levi after the interviews were done.

“Thank you, Iris. Levi should be here bowing to you. You saved him!”

Aaron told her, and he was struck by the impulse to have Levi kowtow to her.

Iris came to the company early next morning, but Neil was already there. “Oh, Mr. Neil, you’re here. Is the boss here yet?”

Iris looked around and blushed, for she was about to meet the man of her dreams.

She never did any makeup in the past, and even if she did, it was a light touch up at best. However, she took two hours to do her makeup today.

“Take it slow. The boss knows everything, and you’ll know who he is soon enough.” Kirin smiled.

When the clock struck nine, in came Margaret with a group of people.

She dolled herself up for the occasion, and her goal was simple: get the scoop on Neil and the mysterious boss no matter what.

“Let me do the introduction. Miss Ward, this is Mr. Neil,” Iris introduced.

Margaret took one look, and she was dumbfounded.

He’s so young, and so handsome! Probably the most handsome out of all the guys I’ve seen!

“Hello, Mr. Neil. I’m Margaret from the TV channel. It’s an honor to interview you today.”

Margaret came up and extended her hand while winking at him.

“Scram! A trash like you have no right to interview me!” Kirin bellowed, much to everyone’s shock.


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