Return Of The God Of War Chapter 420

Chapter 420

Even Iris was shocked by the roar, while the smiles were wiped off of Margaret and her partners’ faces. They looked at Kirin, dumbfounded.

“Guards! Throw these people out! Do they hire trash to be reporters now? What a disgrace!” Kirin looked displeased, and Seth came in with the security guards, ready to chase Margaret and her team out.

“What? I thought Mr. Neil agreed to the interview today. What happened?” Margaret looked at Iris.

Neil laughed. “Let me explain. I don’t mind interviews, but not if you’re the reporter.”

Iris looked down, her face ashen. She didn’t know why Neil disliked Margaret, since this was just their first time meeting. If he refused Margaret’s interview, Levi’s matter wouldn’t die down.

It took everything Iris had to get Margaret’s agreement, but the former couldn’t do anything now, so it was hard for Iris.

Since she was in Morris Group, Margaret didn’t fly into a rage. “It’s fine if you detest me, Mr. Neil, but you don’t call the shots here. Maybe the boss will agree to my interview,” she answered with a lovely smile.

Kirin said nothing and called Levi to tell him about what happened. “Tell her to f*ck off! I don’t take interviews from trash!”

Iris and Margaret were equally shocked to hear the roar, and Margaret left without saying a word. However, before she left, she sneered at Iris, “Looks like I won’t be letting Levi off the hook then.”

This was troublesome news for Iris. “Mr. Neil, why do the both of you…” Iris wanted to know the reason.

“This is the boss’ idea.” That stopped Iris from asking further.

After going back, Margaret took it out on Levi by exposing his and Iris’ address.

All of a sudden, the crowd graffitied the walls with insults and smeared it with rotten food.

Aaron and his wife stayed indoors, for there were many strangers here who were keeping an eye on them. They couldn’t go out; even their delivery would be snatched away.

For the time being, Aaron and the others were stressed out by the situation. If this kept up, they would be driven mad.

At this crucial time, no one knew where Levi had gone to.

Levi, of course, was in the exhibition hall.

“Mr. Garrison, we added three hundred more companies to the roster in one day! And seven of them are giants in South City!” The person in charge was excited, for this would benefit North Hampton greatly.

Levi flipped through the list, and he saw the Suarez Family as well as the other big names from South City. “If you’re here to mess North Hampton up, I will make you pay dearly.” His eyes gleamed coldly.

A staff member approached him and asked, “Mr. Garrison, a reporter from North Hampton Television Network plans to interview you. Do you want to go ahead with it?”

“She’s Margaret, isn’t she?” Levi didn’t even look up.

“Huh? How do you know? Will you accept it?” The staff asked carefully.

Another staff member came and asked softly, “Mr. Garrison, North Hampton Cultural Channel wants to have an interview too.”

“And the reporters from the economic section wants one too.”


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