Return Of The God Of War Chapter 421

Chapter 421

The news outlet came for interviews after knowing Mr. Garrison was the host of the event.

It didn’t take long for Levi to make up his mind on which interviewer he chose, “Well, we’re short on time, so I can only take one interview. Hmm, let’s go with Margaret from North Hampton Television Network.”

“What? Mr. Garrison only accepts my interview?” Margaret was delighted after knowing that. I’m so lucky! There are a lot of reporters here, and I am the lucky one who gets chosen?

“Alright. Please tell Mr. Garrison that I won’t let him down,” she guaranteed.

The event would start soon and representatives from corporations elsewhere arrived earlier to survey the market.

Powerful corporation like the Morris Group and the Rogers family had a lot of people asking for collaboration, and many were looking for potential ones like Oriental Star Group that was helmed by Zoey.

More than thirty corporations talked about collaboration with her, and after some careful review, Zoey chose four from South City to work with.

There were four representatives to talk with, so they agreed to talk about this over dinner one night.

Zoey was cautious of her dinner meetings now. She would bring some males from top management with her. This time, she brought Levi together just in case.

The four representatives from South City sat in Wyvern Hotel’s room, and the oldest one, who went by the name of Draco, was on his phone,

“Don’t worry, Mr. Shorts. I’ll make Zoey pay tonight. Just wait and see how I torture her,” he snickered.

The four corporations were backed by the Suarez family, and they were going to set Zoey up tonight. Before Zoey came, they and their lackeys took some sobering pills.

After that, Zoey came in with her entourage.

“Oh, what’s the meaning of this, Ms. Lopez?

Are you worried we might do something to you?”

Draco looked displeased.

One of the top management quickly explained, “Mr. Johannes, Ms. Lopez almost got into trouble back then, so she must bring us along whenever she goes for negotiations.

We can hold it if you’re okay with us here, but if it’s impossible, then we can stop it here.”

Draco and his group looked at one another, and they knew it would be hard to get them away.

“Oh, of course we can. We’re here to negotiate, so this won’t be any trouble.” He grinned.

A moment later, everyone sat down and had small talk before cutting to the chase. Collaboration wasn’t a problem, but the agreement on profit sharing was. Zoey wanted to have ten percent more, but they didn’t want to budge on this.

Draco raised his glass. “You should know that us southerners can be… fierce. We have our own rules here.”

“Of course. I’ve experienced it myself,” one of the top management replied.

“Great, so the rules here are simple. We’ll have a drinking competition. If we lose, then the ten percent is yours, but if you lose, then that’s it,” Draco suggested.

“Sure, no problem,” Levi agreed.

Zoey glared at him, for she knew Draco and his gang must have the confidence in winning the bet, or else they wouldn’t propose this. Levi is too rash.

“Great. Including the driver and our assistants, there’s a dozen of us here, so pick any number you want from your side,” Draco said.

They had taken sobering pills beforehand, and they were heavy drinkers, so they were confident this would be a landslide win.

Levi smiled. “Very well then. Ms. Lopez and I will take the challenge on our own.”

“The hell?” That shocked Zoey. Is he mad? Two against twelve?


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