Return Of The God Of War Chapter 424

Chapter 424

“What’s wrong, darling? Are you alright!?” Zoey held him tightly, feeling frightened. It took her a moment, but now she realized Levi took a few thousand shots, and it could kill him.

She started sweating in fear, but then she felt electrified. Realizing Levi was feeling her up, Zoey blushed and let him go. “Did you just scare me for nothing?!” She looked away.

“Hey, I just got us the contract, and now I don’t even get a thank you?” Levi asked.

Zoey glared at him. “Stop messing around. How do you feel? Do you need to go to the hospital? You drank a lot.”

Levi smiled. “Do I look hurt to you? No? There’s that then. But…”

“But what?” She looked at him curiously.

“But well, you know, drinking always leads to something else. Here, give me some sugar.” He tried to kiss her, but she ran away.

“You pervert!”

That night, as they lay in bed, Levi quickly hugged her. Zoey was shocked, but she also looked forward to what would happen next.

She might be Levi’s wife, but Zoey was still a virgin. She wanted to consummate the marriage, but now that they were about to do it, Zoey was nervous. If he’s going for it, should I accept him? Or should I say no?

Zoey only wanted Levi as her husband. When he took all the drinking for her earlier, Zoey saw him as her knight in shining armor. If he wanted it tonight, Zoey would give it to him, but…

She was still in a dilemma when a snoring sound snapped her out of it. He’s asleep. For some reason, she felt disappointed, so she turned around and glared at him. “Is sleeping all you know! Go away!” Zoey shoved him away.

“Why did you push me, honey?” Levi asked.

“Just turn around!” Zoey said angrily.

“Why are you mad?” A perplexed Levi asked, and he thought women were weird. They get angry for no reason every time. At least now we know that behind every angry woman lay a man who didn’t know what he did wrong. Levi was an example of that.

When morning came, Oriental was hit with the shocking news of Zoey snagging a contract that gave them an extra ten percent of profit, much to the top management’s disbelief.

At the same time, Draco and his gang were in the hospital. “Trash, all of you! You can’t even handle one woman, and all of you got hospitalized! Trash, trash, trash!” Tristan was livid.

Draco and the others shivered in fear. They thought they would win, but Levi was an unexpected variable. They thought nobody could drink that much, but Levi proved them wrong. Is that guy a God?

“Resign, you trash. I’m already in North Hampton, so I’ll take care of this matter myself,” Tristan said coldly.

“Young master Tristan, please—” Before they could even explain, Tristan had hung up. Never did he imagine that all it took for him to lose hundreds of millions and his future was a drinking session.

North Hampton was in high spirits today, for scores of merchants came today. Everyone was shocked, for the number of participating companies in this event was twice their projected estimate. They weren’t complaining though, for this was great for North Hampton.


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