Return Of The God Of War Chapter 425

Chapter 425

In North Hampton Television Network’s office, Margaret and her colleagues were going through the scripts for the next day’s interview. This was a great chance for her, so she wouldn’t let it go. She wasn’t Elsa.

“You’re awesome, Margaret! There are 38 outlets that want to interview Mr. Garrison, but he only gives that chance to us!”

“Yeah, and he specifically asked for Margaret! He obviously thinks highly of her!”

“He must have only chosen us because of Margaret! Treat us to something good after this, Margaret!”

Margaret felt smug listening to all the praises, but she pretended to be calm. She was a famous person in the channel as well as the industry. Now, with the mysterious Mr. Garrison giving her the chance to interview him, it would consolidate her place in this world.

Now, everyone in the channel listened to her, including her boss.

“Tell us whatever you need, Margaret. We’ll do anything for you,” her boss kept telling her that.

“Margaret, I heard Mr. Garrison is single. If you guys can be a couple, it’d be sweet!”

“Yeah! He’s a leader, while you’re the best employee of the channel. It’s a good match!”

Margaret was riled up by this, for she was planning to do that. Intelligence was her forte, and with experience on her side, she knew Mr. Garrison had a bright future, for Jesse handed such a big event to him.

He might be a deputy now, but this was only the beginning, so Mr. Garrison would climb to the pinnacle top spot.

If she could snag him, Margaret would be set for life, and the idea made her chuckle. This must be divine providence. There are more than three dozen outlets, but he chose me! ”This chance has always been mine to begin with.” Margaret looked confident.

“Margaret, Levi is in a bad situation. I heard their place got splashed with paint and sewage! His parents-in-law can’t work, and his wife’s company is affected!” Margaret’s lackey reported.

Margaret bellowed happily, for she thought Lady Luck was on her side. First, she could interview Mr. Garrison; Secondly, she would be promoted after finishing her job; and finally, she managed to back Levi into a corner.

“I have already told you never to cross a woman, Levi. But you just wouldn’t listen. So, this is what happens.” Margaret’s eyes gleamed coldly.

“Of course he’s dead if he offends you, Margaret. You’re so much more powerful than he is.” Her colleagues laughed.

Then, someone came for Margaret. When she walked out, a Rolls-Royce was waiting for her, much to her surprise. After getting into the car, she saw a man in his thirties, looking dignified and elegant.

“Hello, Ms. Ward. I’m Zachary, from South City’s Suarez family.” Zachary puffed his cigar.

Margaret was shaken to her core as she looked at him and stuttered, “T-the Suarez family? You’re young master Zachary?! I know you! I’ve interviewed your family!”

“It’s good that you do.” Zachary nodded.


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