Return Of The God Of War Chapter 429

Chapter 429

“Huh? Mr. Garrison? It can’t be! Isn’t he Levi? The target of disdain who is a hot topic in North Hampton these few days.”

“That’s right. A malignant tumor like Levi should be driven out of North Hampton forever! Margaret and her colleagues commented.

“Know your place!”

“How dare you insult the name of the leader?”

At this time, the Minister of Commerce became furious.

“That’s right! Where did this reporter come from? Who is she to insult Mr. Garrison like that? What’s the meaning of this?”

“You’re from the North Hampton Television Network, right? Call Director Charles Yorke here!” The other leaders also voiced out one after another.

The remarks of Margaret and her colleagues completely angered them After hearing the scolding, Margaret and her colleagues finally understood that they’ve gotten into deep trouble.

“What is the meaning of this, Ms. Ward?

The person sitting in front of you is the Deputy Leader of North Hampton, Mr. Levi Garrison. Besides, he is also known as the one and only 5-Star God of War in Erudia,” Aurora stated the facts.

Margaret and her colleagues were frozen instantaneously as if a thunderbolt had hit them from the sky.

Deputy Leader of North Hampton? The God of War?

Levi Garrison? NO! It can’t be! This isn’t real!

Margaret and her colleagues remained rooted in a state of trance as their minds went blank completely.

At this moment, the door of the conference room was opened. A plump middle-aged man came running in while panting heavily. This man was the director of North Hampton Television Network, Charles Yorke.

He looked at all the leaders present while gasping heavily. He noticed a familiar face when his gaze landed on Levi. Isn’t he the brat that Margaret was after Why is he sitting here?

“What’s going on? Charles looked at the crowd and asked curiously.

“‘What’s going on?’ How ignorant can you be?”

The person speaking was the leader of Uptown District, Draco Simmons.

The man slammed the table hard.

“Huh?” Charles became increasingly baffled, and his body was trembling.

“Do you know that a reporter from your station had insulted Mr. Garrison for no reason when she saw him?” The other leaders chided in anger.

At this moment, a secretary distributed a few tablets to Draco and the other leaders. The content was about the details of Margaret framing Levi. Everyone burst into anger after reading the contents.

“Look at what you’ve done, Charles Yorke! Your good days are over!” Draco said and threw the tablet to Charles.

“It seems like you have no idea. So let me tell you, the person who your station slandered is the Deputy Leader of North Hampton, Mr. Levi Garrison! He is also the God of War! Figure it out yourself!”

After hearing this, Charles fell to the ground in horror. His face was covered with cold sweat and he was terrified. Oh my god! How much trouble did I get myself into? This person is the God of War!

Levi smiled and said, “The director of the TV station Is that how the content review works? How dare you release edited content? What’s going on?”

Charles almost wet his pants at Levi’s question.

“No… Mr. Garrison, I-I don’t know how this happened… It was Margaret who released it…”

“Margaret, how dare you set me up?”

Charles gave Margaret a hard slap across her face.


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