Return Of The God Of War Chapter 430

Chapter 430

Margaret finally regained her senses after being slapped. Her body went limp, and she fell to the ground. It never crossed her mind that Levi would have such an identity. Otherwise, she would never even dream of doing such a thing.

“Margaret, do you still remember the call I made?”

Levi had a menacing smile on his face.

Margaret was in a state of shock after the epiphany. How could I forget? Levi even called to give me a chance. But I was too foolish to realize my mistake.

“I-I was wrong… It’s all my fault, Mr. Garrison… Please forgive me…” Margaret immediately kneeled on the ground and begged for mercy.

Charles punched and kicked Margaret.

“You have the nerve to ask for forgiveness?”

He wanted to kill her there and then.

“What a vicious woman you are, Margaret! You drive people to their death by abusing your power! If it wasn’t for my identity, do you think I can still stand here?” Levi asked with a smile.

Everyone in the conference room felt a chill down their spine.

Levi is angry!

“What are you standing here for, Charles?

Hurry and expose the wrongdoings of Margaret and clear the name of Mr. Garrison!” A few leaders bellowed.

Charles reacted and replied, “Okay. I’ll do it right away!”

Soon, an urgent news update was released on North Hampton Television Network.

Exposed! Reporter Margaret deliberately framed Levi Garrison with edited content.

Margaret’s reputation was ruined after a series of evidence was presented, and the previous negative remarks about Levi and his family dissipated eventually.

“Charles, you’re responsible for this matter. Therefore, you’ll be relieved of your position!” Draco announced.

Charles nodded immediately, “Got it.”

“All the people involved in this matter must be penalized. Any individual that had dealings with Margaret should be arrested or punished!” A few leaders ordered at once.

Margaret laid on the ground, became paralyzed, and felt like her body was no longer hers.

Levi glanced at Margaret and said, “Falsity will never prevail. You know the things you did to get to your current position today. The truth will be uncovered eventually!”

Margaret felt regretful and peniten. None of these would have happened if she didn’t offend Levi. It was not known how Margaret managed to leave the exhibition hall.

“This is the bi*ch that lied to us and made us blamed the wrong person!”

“Yeah. If it weren’t for the discovery, we would’ve driven an innocent person to death!”

There was a huge crowd gathering outside the exhibition hall.

The crowd started pouring buckets of foul-smelling dung water all over her as soon as she appeared.

“Ughhhhhh…” Margaret puked immediately.

But the manure continued to splash on her again and again… This was how a vicious person would always end up being.

After the matter was resolved, Zoey immediately called, “Darling, that was awesome! How did you do that?”

Levi smiled and said, “Justice always prevails.”

After Zachary got the news, he found Margaret as soon as he could. Zachary clutched his nose and stayed far away from Margaret because there was a horrible stench on her.

“What happened?”

Margaret cast a glance at him with a miserable smirk, “I advise the Suarez family to give up, leave North Hampton and stay in South City.”

“Why?” Zachary looked baffled.

“Because he is someone you can’t afford to provoke! If you insist on pushing your luck, the Suarez family will be wiped out from the face of the earth,” Margaret warned.


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