Return Of The God Of War Chapter 431

Chapter 431

“Hahaha! What a joke! Do you really think we, the Suarez family would be afraid of anyone? Just wait and see. Soon enough, we’ll have our own territory in North Hampton.”

Zachary didn’t give a second thought to what Margaret had said.

Thus, the week-long investment promotion fair ended on a fulfilling note. Many businesses from overseas had given their all into investing in North Hampton’s developments. That was exactly the results Levi wanted to achieve. However, he had heard of a few larger families forcing a few small and medium-sized corporations into handing over their companies. Within just a few days, many of those corporations had already been bought over.

“Mr. Garrison, what should we do? Should we start taking action?” The Rogers family asked.

Levi shook his head. “We’ll just observe for now. It wouldn’t be too late for us to take action only after they’ve succeeded. After all, it’s only fair for them to make contributions to the North Hampton’s economy first.”

When everyone caught sight of the smirk hanging off Levi’s lips, they understood what his true motives were. Levi was planning to fatten them up slowly and surely. The moment they were ripe and plump enough, only then would he sink his teeth into them.

Back in the Lopez family mansion, Sebastian was looking frazzled. He’d aged quite a bit under the stress from the recent events. Staying put without taking revenge wasn’t his style of confrontation at all.

“What happened? Did he agree to it?” Sebastian asked.

“Yes, he did, but he asked for you to go and invite him personally,” Simon said.

“Yes, of course I will!”

“Sebastian, I never would have thought that you’d call on him.” Simon’s eyes trembled in fear.

Sebastian scoffed, “If it weren’t that urgent, would I have gone for this option?”

“It’s not a bad thing. In fact, if he takes action, then the boss behind the Morris Group has nowhere left to run!”

Murderous intent glazed over Sebastian’s gaze. “That’s right. That man is the one and only person I’ve ever feared. If he didn’t go into hiding, would I even have the chance to be where I am today in South City? He’s the real head of Erudia!”

“That’s right. The Morris Group has been playing games for far too long. It’s high time this man appeared to stop them.”

The Suarez family had been gobbling up businesses left and right in North Hampton. So far, they’ve gotten themselves quite the collection.

“No! I can’t just let the injury my brother suffered go that easily. The Oriental Star Group must be ours.” Zachary’s gaze was chilly.

That very afternoon, Zachary brought a group of his men to the Oriental Star Group. Zoey had no choice but to meet them.

“It’s Zoey, isn’t it? I’ll keep things short. I’m here to take over the Oriental Star Group,” Zachary said instantly.

Zoey, however, refused just as quickly. “That’s impossible. I’ve just taken over the company, and we’re developing pretty well. Why would I ever sell the company to you?”

“That’s right! Mr. Suarez, did you hear any false rumors? The Oriental Star Group isn’t up for sale. Were you expecting to buy us over?” The other higher-ups looked at Zachary questioningly.

Zachary just chuckled. “Well, the Suarez family wishes to take over your company, so you have to sell it to us.”

“What kind of twisted reason is that? Aren’t you just forcing us to give it up to you?”

“What kind of society are we living in? I didn’t know such hegemony existed.”

The higher-ups of the Oriental Star Group all disagreed with his outlandish request.

“That’s right. The Suarez family is simply used to such methods. I’ll give you 24 hours to clean up before I come back here to take what’s mine. If you turn me down, trust me, you’ll regret it,” Zachary said coldly.

Three loud bangs resounded as one of Zachary’s men tossed three throwing knives and landed them each on the words, ‘Oriental Star Group’ that was printed on the wall behind them


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