Return Of The God Of War Chapter 437

Chapter 437

Niall yelled, “What are you doing? This is our new boss, Ms. Lopez!”

“So what if she’s our boss? She shouldn’t disrupt our practice!”

Yvonne was the star of Oriental Star Group, so she was haughty and did not care about others.

“Alright then, I shan’t be disturbing you! Mr. Xander, please don’t forget about tonight!” Zoey reminded in good nature.

Niall was excited and nodded immediately, “Don’t worry, I’ll make the necessary arrangements!”

Yvonne was enraged by this. She knew what Niall was up to. For the entire shoot today, both Niall and Yvonne were distracted. To begin with, both of their acting skills were mediocre.

The quality of the shoot was especially bad that day, but the directors had to call it a good take. After all, they could not afford to offend either of them. Yet, the two of them were involved in five major movies that day.

“Nevermind if the quality is bad. They have a large fanbase. We’ll get our money’s worth from their fanbase alone!” The directors, scriptwriters, and other crew members consoled themselves.

That day, Levi returned to the Morris Group once again. Iris did not let him slack off and arranged for him to be an interviewer. Even though she felt that Levi was incapable, he had a good eye for talent. Hence, Levi spent the entire day conducting interviews.

A few young men came for an interview.

Levi glanced at the contract and was puzzled. He inquired, “You’re from the North Hampton Film Academy? You’re trained as an actor? Why are you applying for a job in sales?”

“To be honest, Sir, the entertainment industry is too stressful and competitive. Without a good background or funding, it’s difficult to make a name for yourself! We’re all from the countryside and have neither of them, so we’re struggling to make ends meet. We wanted to find a job to survive.” The youngsters hung their heads in disappointment.

That was not an uncommon sight. There were only so many successful artistes. Most artistes did not even find success as internet celebrities and had to find another job, even if they were talented actors and actresses.

When he heard about the entertainment industry, Levi immediately thought of his wife’s firm. He recalled that they were expanding the scale of their entertainment business and were lacking manpower.

“In that case, you guys have a minute to perform something for me. You have a minute each. Feel free to exercise your creativity!” Levi smiled.

The interviewees were confused, but Levi was the interviewer after all. They did as he asked.

“Not bad. You really have talent!” Levi commended sincerely.

These men were all skilled actors, but their talents were not appreciated. Sadly, there were many talented actors who did not get a chance to act. The movies were all filled with famous stars with poor acting skills, resulting in low-quality films.

“Please show me any other skills you have!”

Some of them showcased their dancing, singing, and other skills.

“All of you are great! Sign this, please!” Levi smiled.

“I beg your pardon?” they were all bewildered. You can get a sales job just by singing and dancing? They had no idea that Levi was giving them the opportunity of a lifetime, transforming them from people barely making ends meet to superstars.

Meanwhile, at night, after work. Zoey made a trip to the drama department.

“Hi Ms. Lopez, Mr. Xander is too busy and has returned to his residence. After that, he has to attend a dinner. Time is tight, so if you’re looking for him, please head to his home!” his assistant said.


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