Return Of The God Of War Chapter 438

Chapter 438

“Alright, please lead the way,” Zoey replied. She did not dwell too much into it and followed the assistant to the artistes’ lodging.

She did not have any stray thoughts. For one, the place was crowded. For another, Niall was a star and would not do anything to harm his reputation.

But Zoey was wrong.

His management team had long known about him and he did not care about his reputation at all.

Zoey headed to Niall’s room. He had just finished taking a bath and walked out in a bathrobe, showing off his muscular body.

Zoey immediately turned to leave.

“Ms. Lopez, why are you leaving? It’s fine!” Niall hurriedly blocked Zoey.

Zoey turned around and smiled embarrassedly, “Sorry for coming all of a sudden. I didn’t expect you to be in the shower.”

“I’m a simple man. Ms. Lopez, please, have a seat!” Niall offered.

Zoey questioned him, “Mr. Xander, you said earlier that you had something important to discuss. What is it?”

“Winnie, help me get something!” Niall waved her off. Winnie, his manager, left with a knowing look.

Zoey had no idea that Winnie would not be returning. Before Winnie left, she closed the door behind her. Zoey became alert the moment the door closed. After all, she was alone with another man in a room.

Niall smiled and enquired, “Ms. Lopez, how do you feel about me?”

“You’re a great star who has a large fan base!”

“No, I meant about my looks. How’s my figure? Did I get your heart racing?” Niall flirted directly.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Zoey felt something was amiss.

Niall closed in and explained, “Ms. Lopez, I decided to give you a chance – a chance to have me for one night!”

In the past, when Niall said this, those rich lady bosses would have pounced on him. However, Zoey’s reaction was far from what he had expected. She was not tempted by the offer and was even filled with an icy rage.

“Mr. Xander, please show some self-respect! I’ll be off!” Zoey spat.

“Wait, hold on. Let’s talk things through!”

How could Niall allow her to escape?

“Let me go! If you try anything funny, I will be sure to prosecute you!” Zoey roared.

Niall scoffed, “Woman, I looked for you because I felt you were worth it. Stop being so full of yourself. Do you think you’re the boss here? I’ll tell you honestly. In the Oriental Star Group, I’m the real boss! You have to listen to me!”

“You…” Zoey was fuming.

She did not expect to meet an artiste like that!

Niall sneered, “Zoey Lopez, you’d better obey my every command. I’ll guarantee that all of your movies sell well and Oriental Star Group’s business excels! Otherwise, I’ll cripple your company!”

Zoey bit her lip and glared at Niall.

“Come, as long as you listen to me, we will both benefit from it!”

Niall was about to pounce upon Zoey. The door slammed opened and Yvonne entered.

Whew! Zoey heaved a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, Niall was enraged. This stupid woman is at it again! Why does she have to ruin everything?


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