Return Of The God Of War Chapter 439

Chapter 439

“Zoey Lopez, you wench! As the owner of the Company, you’ve overstepped the boundaries and seduced your own artistes! How shameless!” Yvonne accused her.

Zoey was bewildered. Niall was the one who tried to seduce me. Why am I in the wrong now?

“Zoey, you’re so shameless! I’ve heard that you were even married for six years! How could you even do that!”

“You slut!”

Niall fell silent and acknowledged Yvonne’s actions. He wanted to maintain the stance that he was not in the wrong and that it was all Zoey’s fault.

Zoey flared up, “Niall, you’d better explain what’s going on here!”

At this point, Niall’s manager and a few assistants had arrived.

“I’ll explain alright! Zoey here seduced me and was refused by me, simple as that!” Niall sneered.

When she heard Niall twisting the facts, Zoey was about to burst with rage.

“Bullshit! You were the one who tried to rape me!” Zoey screamed.

Yvonne pushed Zoey and spat, “Stop pretending to be innocent! I saw everything earlier. You were clearly seducing him!”

Yvonne loved Niall, so even if Niall were in the wrong, she would protect him and push the blame to someone else. This was one such example.

“You two…” Zoey nearly fainted from the rage.

Winnie sided with them as well, “Ms. Lopez, you can’t do that! Even though you’re the boss, there are limits! Niall is an actor. If word got out, his career would be destroyed and your company would suffer as well!”

“That’s right! A woman like you can get any man you want. Let Niall off!”

“That’s right, Ms. Lopez, don’t make life difficult for him!”

Niall’s manager and team started to defend him anxiously.

“You… I… It wasn’t me…”

Zoey was livid but she did not know how to explain herself.

She was framed and everyone present was on his side. She would not be able to defend herself even with concrete evidence.

“Ms. Lopez, please leave. We will pretend this never happened and won’t pursue this matter!” Winnie said as she dragged Zoey off.

Zoey was flabbergasted. I’m the victim here! Why did I suddenly become the villain and even get blackmailed by them?

Zoey’s first reaction was to fire all of them. She dialed Wade’s number and informed him of this.

“You can’t do that, Ms. Lopez. Oriental Star Group’s entertainment business depends on Niall and Yvonne. We can’t possibly fire them. Calm down and hear me out, Ms. Lopez! This will not benefit the company in any way!”

“I…!” Zoey clenched her teeth angrily.

I am the victim here! Yet, there’s nothing I can do about it!

In Niall’s room, Yvonne scorned, “How could you do something so reckless? This woman isn’t any ordinary person. The moment she gets ahold of your weakness, you’re toast!”

“Hmph! I’ll get this woman someday!” Niall spat. He was still angered by Yvonne for ruining his opportunity. Otherwise, Zoey would not have been able to escape back then.

“Alright, Ms. Wren. Calm down. Niall is still young and reckless. It’s okay,” Winnie persuaded her.

At this point in time, Winnie received a call.

“Huh? What? Mr. Suarez from South City wants to meet Niall?”

Meanwhile, Yvonne’s manager also received a call.

The contents of the call were the same.

“I’m not meeting anyone tonight! I don’t feel like it!” Niall declared angrily.

“But you just have to meet this man! He’s from the Suarez family in South City. No one can afford to offend him!” Winnie explained.

Soon, a car came to pick Niall, Yvonne, and a few other artistes up.

These ten people were all the pillars of Oriental Star Group.


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